Q&A With WellSpring Massage Graduate Suzy Gregg

We recently caught up with Suzy Gregg, a graduate from WellSpring’s massage therapy program, to find out how her time at WellSpring affected her career and what she’s doing now that she’s graduated.

Suzy Gregg, LMT, CIMT 

Meet this inspiring graduate and see her Q&A below!

Why did you choose WellSpring?

WellSpring offered a more in-depth curriculum, has a great reputation and I felt comfortable with the classroom environment.

How has your time at WellSpring given you a leg up in the industry? 

WellSpring's reputation of producing top-notch students is a great benefit in our area as well as having instructors that continue to be my supporters, friends and mentors.

What was your favorite part about attending WellSpring? 

The best part of Wellspring was my classmates and instructors. I gained some great lifelong friends that I cherish dearly.

Would you recommend WellSpring and why? 

Yes. In addition to the curriculum, they have a great career placement office and a reputation that precedes them.

Now that you have graduated, what's next? 

I specialize in prenatal and postpartum massage and am a teacher of infant massage. I am currently training to teach prenatal massage and will be certified this fall in fertility-conception massage.


Q&A With Integrative Massage/Fitness Associate Degree Graduate

Danielle Walker was one of the first WellSpring students to graduate from our new Integrative Massage/Fitness Associate Degree Program and has since been working as a massage therapist. During her time at Wellspring, she earned academic achievement awards in the massage and personal training programs as well as a personal achievement award in massage.

She chatted with us about her time at WellSpring and shared some advice to current students.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, what’s your educational background, etc.? 

I’ve lived in Kansas City since I was 16, when my dad retired from the Air Force. I finished high school in Raytown and briefly attended art school in Florida in 2002. I returned to Kansas City and worked a variety of odd and temporary jobs until 2012 when I decided to attend Wellspring.

You were one of the first to graduate from WellSpring’s integrative massage & personal training associate degree program. Why did you decide to enroll in the program in the first place? 

At the time I was struggling to make ends meet. I was barely employed and I wanted a better life. I knew I wanted to be self-employed and that I wanted to help people. Wellness felt like the answer.

How does the program give you a leg up in the industry?

The combination makes me attractive to both massage and fitness employers; it was easy for me to find work. It has the side benefit of making me more credible with my clients, who often take my advice seriously and apply it with positive results.


What were the teachers at WellSpring like? Were they supportive, knowledgeable, etc.? 

The instructors were great and so accessible! I can still go to any one of them and ask for advice and share my little milestones with them. I appreciated that they were all working in their respective industries because everything we learned was backed up with a real-world example that made it easier to understand each concept. They were very knowledgeable.

What was your favorite part about attending WellSpring? 

I feel like I discovered a better version of myself by going to Wellspring, the self who is disciplined, open, curious and excited about life. I met so many people who I found common ground with and made some great friends in the process.

Now that you’ve graduated, what’s next for you?

I’ve been working steadily as a massage therapist since I graduated. I just started my own practice in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City and I will soon be working as a professional in Wellspring’s student clinic. I also write a blog.

Any advice for new WellSpring students?

 If you stay on top of your school work, you will know what you need to know when it comes time to get your credentials. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your instructors and classmates. Talk to everyone because the people around you are your new peers and colleagues. Everyone knows something you don’t and the only way to learn is to have conversations.

Would you recommend WellSpring and why?

I’d recommend Wellspring because attending changed my life and my perspective. When I enrolled, I was only thinking survival. The bonus was discovering my passion for massage and wellness. Now, I’m thriving.


How Much Do Massage Therapists Earn?

Massage therapy can be a fulfilling, rewarding career with many unique benefits, however, potential massage therapists might be put off if they think that massage therapists can’t have a steady job with comfortable earnings.

According to O*NET Online, the median national annual wage for massage therapists is about $35,920, with projected job growth between 2012 and 2022 much faster than average at 22 percent. The top percentage of massage therapists can earn as much as $60,000 - $71,000 or more annually.

Don Farquharson, president of WellSpring, added that massage therapy earnings depend on the number of sessions massage therapists perform each week or month.

Average numbers of session are likely closer to the 10 -15 sessions per week range, some of which are private and some of which are through a gym or spa. Massage therapists who are passionate about their job and willing to work harder can earn more.

 If massage therapy students wish to increase their employability, they should look into WellSpring’s Integrative Massage/Fitness Associate Degree Program. Graduates of this program, which combines massage therapy and personal training, earn an associate degree of occupational studies and are credentialed as a massage therapist and personal trainer.


Massage Therapy One Of Most Eco-Friendly Job Fields

Massage therapists are trained to recognize the importance of the human body, but many also recognize the importance of the environment.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that massage therapy can be one of the most environmentally friendly professions out there.

Massage therapy places importance on natural and holistic elements. Instead of using chemicals, massage therapists use natural healing through touch and stretching as well as leveraging the energy of the body. Massage therapy classes at WellSpring, such as Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Joint & Stretch among many others, focus on these natural healing techniques and hands-on practice. 

Just because massage is an ancient practice and natural doesn’t mean it isn’t up-to-date! Massage is used as a remedy for a wide variety of ailments from seasonal allergies to pregnancy pain, providing a greener, more environmentally considerate alternative.

Now that more consumers are searching for eco-friendly products and services, this can also mean more profit for your massage therapy business. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), “One of the great things about taking eco-friendly initiatives is you don’t have to make sweeping changes. You can make decisions based on your budget and do what’s within your power without feeling like you’re failing if you can’t do everything.”

Read the article from the AMTA here.


You’re Invited To WellSpring’s Lawrence Campus Open House

Thinking about a career in health and wellness but not sure what steps to take? You’re invited to join WellSpring School of Allied Health at our Lawrence Campus Open House.

Get your questions about a career in massage therapy, personal training or medical assisting answered by current students and instructors and participate in a free chair massage or health assessment. Information about the admissions process, financial aid opportunities will also be available.
The Open House will have two hour-long sessions on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 2:00 and 6:30 p.m. Please RSVP by calling (816) 437-7519 or by emailing amanda.s@wellspring.edu.
When: Thursday, July 31 at 2 and 6 p.m.

Where: WellSpring School of Allied Health - Lawrence Campus, 947 New Hampshire, Lawrence, Kan. 66044 (Entrance around the corner on 10th Street)
What To Bring: Bring your motivated self! Feel free to bring friends. If you’d like to take part in a chair massage or health assessment, please dress accordingly. This is a casual event.

How Much: Free!
We hope to see you there!


WellSpring Announces Graduate Discount For Integrative Massage & Fitness Associate Degree Program

WellSpring is offering a graduate discount for students who have already completed our massage or our personal training programs and want to cross over and take the  complementary program. Plus, they’ll earn an associate degree at the same time.

Depending on which program you have completed, students can save as much as $8,000 when compared with taking the two programs separately. In addition, students will walk away with all of the certifications and training each program offers along with an associate degree in occupational studies.


If you’re a graduate of WellSpring’s massage therapy program, you can earn this new degree by taking WellSpring’s personal training program. If you graduated from the personal training program, you can earn the degree by taking WellSpring’s massage therapy program.

For massage therapists, you’ll pick up plenty of hands-on fitness training as well as a NASM certification as a personal trainer. For personal trainers, you’ll be able to pick up a state certification in massage therapy and bring added value to your clients.

For immediate questions, call us:
Kansas City Campus: 1-888-399-6070
Lawrence Campus: 1-888-697-5808


WellSpring Announces Its First Students To Graduate From Integrative Massage & Fitness Associate Degree Program

Congratulations to Curt Searcy and Danielle Walker for becoming the first students to earn WellSpring’s new integrative massage and fitness associate degree!

Curt Searcy

The degree, which was announced last August, combines massage therapy and personal training into an associate degree in occupational studies. The degree program is open to both massage and personal training graduates. Coincidentally, Curt started his training in massage therapy and added personal training, while Danielle started in personal training and followed with massage.

Massage graduates can earn this new degree by taking WellSpring’s personal training program. In the process, students can pick up a NASM certification as a personal trainer (CPT) and a specialization in corrective exercise (CES). Classes cover topics such as exercises science, program design, training special populations and more.

Danielle Walker

Graduates from WellSpring’s personal training program can obtain this degree by taking the massage therapy program, which includes the national certification exam in massage therapy. Members of this program will take classes such as Basic Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Kinetic Anatomy.


You’re Invited To WellSpring’s Open House July 8, 2014

If you’re passionate about health and wellness and have been thinking about a career in massage therapy, personal training or medical assisting, join WellSpring School of Allied Health at our open house July 8, 2014. Plus, if you’re already a student, you’ll have a chance to win a gift card by referring people to the event!

At the open house event, you’ll receive complimentary chair massages, health assessments and free snacks and refreshments. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process and financial aid opportunities, and graduates and current students of WellSpring will share their experiences at the school and how they’ve transitioned into new careers.

The open house will be divided into two one-hour sessions, one at 1 p.m. and the other at 6 p.m., and both sessions will be held at WellSpring’s Kansas City campus.

We’re also announcing a contest for referring the most prospects to the school. Prizes, which included gift cards valued at $20, $30 and $40, will be awarded to the three people who refer the most people to the open house event. The people who are referred must actually show up at the event for it to count. You’ll also have a chance to earn $100 for every referral who starts classes and stays.

Bring your friends! If you’d like to take part in the chair massage or free health assessment, please dress appropriately. This is a casual event.

When: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 1:00 and 6:00pm
Where: WellSpring School of Allied Health
9140 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114

How Much: Free


WellSpring Excellence In Education Award News Picked Up By Yahoo! Finance

The press release WellSpring School of Allied Health distributed earlier this week about its Massage Envy Spa “Excellence In Education” Award was picked up by several news sites including Yahoo! Finance and Broadway World Fitness.

WellSpring received the award earlier this year for its excellence in its massage therapy program, which has an 82 percent career placement rate for graduates. It was one of only six schools across the U.S. to receive this prestigious award.

According to Massage Envy Spa, the winners of the award were based on educational program, curriculum, level of student and graduate support, involvement within the industry, graduate feedback, additional outstanding achievements and recognition from accrediting agencies and industry associations.


Tracy Moeller Promoted To Director of Education

Earlier this year, Tracy Moeller was promoted to director of education at WellSpring School of Allied Health. She chatted with us about what her promotion means, some of the health and wellness trends she sees and more, plus she shared some of her advice for WellSpring students.

Tracy Moeller

Moeller has her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in exercise and wellness from Arizona State University. She said that her love of teaching started in grad school as a TA. During her time in Phoenix, she was the general manager of a large-scale fitness center, served as the director of its nutrition program and did personal training for the company.

Check out her Q&A below!

As education director, what are some goals you have for WellSpring, its programs, staff and students?

We have a common goal to be the elite career school in the Kansas City area. I would like to focus on helping the staff implement innovative ways of delivering material in the classroom. This will help keep the students involved and excited. I have a goal to help introduce new programs to the school and industry. There are holes in the wellness field that need to be filled, and we have the capability to develop and supply the necessary training. Since the majority of our instructors are part-time, I would like to help them to network and grow their own businesses. Networking is now a part of each program at WellSpring and we are offering seminars on this very topic at least twice a year.
How do you hope to inspire students and staff with your new position?
Since WellSpring incorporates both wellness and medical programs, I would like promote a relationship between the two. Exercise As Medicine and Nutrition As Medicine are movements that encourage people to use physical activity and diet as disease prevention mechanisms. I want to get students moving in any way, to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.
What changes, if any, do you predict in the health and wellness education field?

With our aging population, I see more emphasis put on disease prevention. Wellness centers are a great option for this. They encompass a full-circle approach to health: massage, personal training/exercise, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. I also see the possibility of partnerships between personal trainers and physicians.  The Exercise As Medicine and Nutrition As Medicine programs are focused on bridging this gap.
What motivates you?

Seeing the light bulb go off in a student’s eyes when they grasp a new concept is the best. That motivates me – making a difference in someone else’s life, helping them see that they are capable of achieving their dream career.
What is some advice you have for WellSpring students?

Act as if you are already a professional in the field.  Stick with it and be positive!