Massage Can Help with Diabetes Conditions

Almost 8 percent of the population suffers from diabetes. And of those 23.6 million diabetics, many of them also suffer from peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to the limbs. While PAD can be dangerous, recent research shows that connective-tissue massage improves blood circulation in the lower limbs of Type-2 diabetic patients, and may be useful to slow the progression of peripheral arterial disease. How cool is that?

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MTTI-WellSpring Gives Back

To celebrate the season, MTTI-WellSpring has partnered with Whole Foods to give back to the Kansas City and wellness community. A BIG thanks to Jena Hudson and Jeffrey Davison who spearheaded the donation!

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May you all have a healthy, safe and enjoyable holiday season!

-From the MTTI-WellSpring Staff & Faculty


Interesting Video on Soda...

Most of us are well aware that soda and carbonated beverages aren't the healthiest choice when it comes to hydration. (Water rules!) But just how acidic and bad are they? In the interesting video below, you see the effect that a can of coke has on an egg over the course of a year. Pretty interesting!

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Photo courtesy of Dano on Flickr.

Instructor Touts Value of Continuing Education on Massage Magazine

First it was MTTI-WellSpring instructor Kristin Phillips Lennard and now instructor Kevin Deal has been featured in Massage Magazine!

In the article, Kevin explains the importance of always staying educated through reading industry publications and taking hands-on classes to refine your skills and follow trends. Solid advice!

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More Trading Their Jobs for a Rewarding Career in Massage Therapy

Life is too short to not do what you love. And in times like these when many have lost their jobs, going back to school is the perfect way to turn a bad situation into a life-changing endeavor. In fact, according to a recent article by
CNNMoney.com, 21 percent of workers plan to go back to school to obtain a formal degree, certification or other training. One such featured worker was laid off from her job in manufacturing and went back to school to have a successful and rewarding career as a massage therapist.

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If you're ready to change your career--and life--give us a call today at 816-523-9140 ext. 114 or check out www.mtti.net. We're here to help you do what you love!


WellSpring | MTTI Honors Kansas Audio-Reader Network as Academic Partner of the Year

Last week, WellSpring | MTTI awarded Kansas Audio-Reader Network with its first-annual Academic Partner of the Year award for its work with a Lawrence massage therapy student. A big thank you and congrats to Audio Reader for all of their work!

Read more about the award in this story by The Oread, a University of Kansas publication.


How Sitting Is Hurting Your Health

Over the years, Americans have become more and more sedentary. Most of us work in front of a computer all day, eat lunch at our desks and then go home to relax in front of the TV. While we all know how beneficial regular workouts can be, new research says that hitting the gym may not be enough. In fact, it may be the act of sitting that is the most detrimental to our health and wellness.


Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2010

Each year, ACE Fitness puts out their list of the top ten fitness trends to come in the New Year. For 2010, they're calling for a number of fun new trends, including group personal training, specialty exercise classes such as Zumba, exergaming (think video games met stationary bike) and more!

Click here to see the full list of 10 trends for 2010!

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MTTI-WellSpring Welcomes MINH and BMSI Students

Two massage therapy education schools in the Kansas City area recently closed: BMSI and Midwest Institute of Natural Healing (MINH). The massage therapy industry is a small, tight-knit community, so the staff and faculty at MTTI-WellSpring was saddened to hear of these closings and to hear of students who were not able to complete their education.

While MTTI-WellSpring is working diligently to get MINH students the education they need here at the Kansas City campus, the school also welcomes any and all former BMSI students. Whether it be for our full massage therapy program, personal training program or continuing education classes, MTTI-WellSpring is committed to natural health and wellness career education in the Midwest. And we'll help other students in any capacity that we can. If you're looking to take some classes or need help finishing your education, call us at 816-523-9140 today!


Where Does Massage Therapy Stand Today?

Here at the school, we get monthly copies of the massage therapy trade publication, Massage Today. In this month's issue, the magazine asked an important question: Where does massage therapy stand today? As the industry has become more regulated and recognized, it's a good read on where the industry has been, where it's going and what work still needs to be done.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

MTTI-WellSpring would like to wish every one of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. May you be thankful and enjoy all that life has to offer!

And if you're looking for a few tips on how to enjoy yourself yet not go too overboard on the holiday treats today, check out these "Turkey Time" tips!

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What to Eat to Stay Healthy (and Flu Free!) This Winter

Did you know that what you eat can greatly affect how easily your body fights off the common cold and the flu? It's true!

The online site iVillage recently released their seven power foods to keep your immunity up. While common remedies such as orange juice made the list, you may be surprised at some of the foods listed.

Click here to read the full list.

Photo courtesy of Paul.Carroll on Flickr.


10 Ways to Go Green at Home!

Want to green but aren't sure where to start? Start at home! You can further MTTI-WellSpring's Go Green efforts by making a difference at home by following just a few simple tips, such as investing in a programmable thermostat and biking instead of driving when running errands.


MTTI-WellSpring Instructor Featured in Massage Magazine

Our very own instructor Kristin Phillips Lennard was recently featured in Massage Magazine. She provided the massage industry publication with a business tip regarding finding your niche. Great advice, Kristen!

Read the full tip here!


Want to Lose Weight? Study Says to Slow Down...

In a society where we eat on the go, and eat quickly because we're rushing to get to our next to-do, it's no wonder that many of us are overweight. We rarely stop to think about our food, taste every bite and enjoy it.

Turns out, new research now says that eating quickly can really pack on the pounds. In fact, according to at study in the The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, eating a meal quickly, as compared to slowly, curtails the release of hormones in the stomach that makes you feel full. This decreased release of hormones can then lead to overeating. That's reason enough to slow down, right?

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Featured Course: Core Techniques with Kevin Deal, LMT

The staff and faculty at MTTI-WellSpring have been working hard behind the scenes to revamp our Continuing Education program to make it more diverse, timely and exciting! While we're still working on a lot of new classes and expect to bring in some big massage and fitness industry names in 2010, I wanted to bring your attention to a class that will run later this month: Core Techniques.

This workshop is a must for clinical therapists or others wanting to improve their techniques to address low back issues or other structural distortions of the spine. This special class is being taught by Kevin Deal, LMT, who has been practicing massage since 2002, and has been an instructor at MTTI-WellSpring since 2006. His work in the massage industry includes more than 4,500 hours of hands-on experience. Believe me, you won't want to miss it!

For more details, including times offered and cost, click here!

To register, click here!


Go Green by Carpooling!

So you know how we're going green at MTTI-WellSpring? Well, our next Go Green initiative is carpooling!

If you're a student and would like a buddy to carpool with to school (you not only reduce your impact on the earth but you can also make a new friend), email jennipher.w@mtti.net with your name, class times and what city you live in. We'll try to group those interested by location and times at the school to make the most of opportunity.


Congrats to Our Costume Contest Winners!

We had a blast this week dressing up and celebrating Halloween. Below are all the winners of our costume contest!

Wednesday Daytime Winners
Tied Grand Prize: Michael McMahon as a Cool Dude and Neesha Brost as Daisy Duck

2nd Place: Jackie Bradbury as G.I. Jackie

3rd Place: Angelique Kelly as a ladybug

Honorable Mention: JoAnna Reidel as a witch and Jessica King as Tinker Bell

Wednesday Evening Winners
Grand Prize: A tie among Karen Strain, Kris Nichols, Jackie Keil and Mikayela Nield, all portraying Desperate Housewives:

Thursday Daytime Winners
Grand Prize: Simone Beason as a belly-dancing pirate

2nd Prize: Trey Grimes as a rock star

3rd Prize: Angela Reynolds as a zombie prom queen

Thursday Evening Winners
Grand Prize: Son-Se-Ray Colburn, as a “torn muscle”

2nd place: Stephanie Burton as Supergirl

3rd Place: Letha Carlson as a Witch

To see photos of ALL the dressed-up students, staff and faculty, click here.

A big thanks to all for dressing up and participating, and a HUGE thanks to Mardi Miller and Andrea Farquharson for setting up the contest!!!


Don't Forget Your Costume

All MTTI-WellSpring students, staff and faculty are encouraged to dress up to the campuses today and tomorrow in celebration of Halloween. We're even giving away prizes for the most creatively dressed!

We plan on uploading photos of all of those dressed up for the occasion to our Facebook page, so make sure that you're a fan of MTTI-WellSpring!


Clients Using Massage for More than Pampering

Good news for the massage therapy industry: More Americans are getting massages for medical and health reasons! According to the 13th annual consumer survey sponsored by the American Massage Therapy Association®, 32 percent of Americans get massages for medical and health reasons, up slightly from the 2008 report.

Also, 35 percent of Americans ages 35-44 have talked to their doctor or healthcare provider about massage therapy this year, compared to 14 percent in 2008. Of those who discussed massage therapy with their doctors, 52 percent say their doctor strongly recommended/encouraged them to get a massage. Eighty-six percent of Americans agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain, and 85 percent of people agree that massage can be beneficial to your health and wellness. Woohoo!

Read more of the 2009 report here.


Former Man of the Year for the World Health Organization Speaks at MTTI-WellSpring

Students enrolled in the daytime 750-hour Massage Therapy Program at the Kansas City campus of MTTI-WellSpring got quite the surprise today. Instructor Amy Messer brought in world renowned Dr. Richard Yennie (shown on left) as a guest speaker in her Eastern Class.

Dr. Yennie is probably best known as one of the first non-Asians in the modern era to bring acupuncture to the United States and the first to combine acupuncture and chiropractic in a healing arts practice. He also founded the Acupuncture Society of America (ASA) in 1968. The ASA provides post-graduate acupuncture certification courses, taught by Dr. Yennie and an international faculty.

Across the board, students in the class were all very excited to have Dr. Yennie in the class and found his presentation to be fascinating.

For more on Dr. Yennie, click here.


October Pulse Online Now!

Get the latest on MTTI-WellSpring by checking out this month's edition of The Pulse. Inside are details about an upcoming student Halloween costume contest, our new community classes, a give-back research project and MORE!

Click here to read The Pulse now!


Massage Therapy Awareness Week

October 25 through 31 is AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week! The organization created the week to raise public understanding about the benefits of massage, attract media attention to nationwide activities being carried out by AMTA chapters, members, as well as AMTA school members, and to give all AMTA members an opportunity to demonstrate their profession and skill. WellSpring has plans to celebrate the week by giving back to the Kansas City Police Department.

Are you celebrating AMTA's National Massage Therapy Awareness Week?


Stop and Smell the Flowers to Reduce Stress

Wellness professionals have long been using the soothing scents of flowers and lavender to relax their clients, but now research is proving how the natural scents reduce stress.

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, in a study with rats, inhaling certain fragrances can alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that can reduce stress levels. The researchers hypothesize that the same could be true for humans.

For more details on the study, click here.

Photo courtesy of Nitibob on Flickr.


Massage Beneficial for Kids Suffering from Cancer

We all know how beneficial massage can be for all people--including children. But what about children with cancer or blood diseases? Yep, they can benefit too, says a recent study published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

Children with cancer or blood disease who received regular massage showed significant physical and psychological improvement versus a group of sick children who did not receive massage. The study looked at 30 children with cancer and blood disease, ages 6 months to 17 years old.

For more details on the study, click here.

Photo courtesy of valentinapowers on Flickr.


Now Offering Community Wellness Classes!

WellSpring | MTTI is now welcoming the entire Kansas City community to come inside and learn about wellness through its new community classes! From learning about raw foods to learning how to give your partner a stress-reducing massage to setting your intentions for the New Year, WellSpring’s classes help participants be their healthiest and best selves.

No prior experience is necessary to register for any of the community classes, and all are moderately priced. All community classes are listed and available for registration at www.mtti.net/community.

This is the first of many community classes that WellSpring plans to offer. Planned future classes include meditation, weight-loss, fitness, yoga, nutrition and more! Sign up today!


NASM Honors Jack LaLanne

When it comes to the fitness industry, there are a few big names that stand out as true pioneers of personal training. One such person is Jack LaLanne.

At 95-years-old, LaLanne is still inspiring others to be fit and still completes his own regular workouts. Recently, on LaLanne's 95th birthday, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) honored him for his life-long dedication to health and fitness.

MTTI-WellSpring recently partnered with the NASM for it's Fitness Training and Wellness Program, so the school would also like to congratulate LaLanne on his continued success--and wish him a 95th birthday!

Click here to read the full story.


Relax and Save on Your Next Massage!

Take some deserved "me" time by scheduling your next WellSpring massage today! Call by Friday, Oct. 9th to book an appointment at the KC campus and you'll save $5.00 on any weekday morning or afternoon massage.

That means...
  • A 30-minute massage is $15.00
  • A 50-minute massage is $25.00
  • A 90-minute massage is $45.00
What a deal! Be sure to mention this post to receive the discount.

Call 816-361-7733 to reserve your spot today!


The Cure for Leg Cramps

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just spent the whole day on your feet, leg cramps plague everyone at least one time or another. While a quick massage to the cramp or stretch always helps to reduce pain immediately, what else can you do to treat and prevent them? Well the first step to curing leg cramps is understanding them...

Read on to understand learn cramps and learn how to treat them.

Photo courtesy of NaturalBlu on Flickr.


Get Your Paper Recycling On!

New news on the Go Green MTTI-WellSpring front—we now have paper recycling in the classrooms, student lounge and staff areas! The special green bins with the Go Green logo are to be used for only paper recycling, so please do not place any other trash or items in them.

Going green is a team effort by all WellSpring students, faculty and staff, so please use the bins appropriately. And because this is a new program for the school, do let an instructor, staff member or front-desk staff person know if a bin is full and hasn't been emptied in a timely manner. Thanks for your support! We're really making a difference!

For more on WellSpring's Go Green efforts, click here.

Photo courtesy of D'Arcy Norman on Flickr.


How Nutritious Is Your Food?

With all the different kinds of brands, packaging and products out there, sometimes it's hard to tell what is the healthiest choice when navigating the grocery-store shelves. That's why NuVal created a nutritional scoring system for common foods, such as yogurt, cereal, crackers, vegetables, cheese and more. For example, did you know that calorie-for-calorie, kiwi is healthier than mango? The results are totally fascinating!

To see the scores for yourself, click here.

Photo courtesy of David Prior on Flickr.


Happy Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day and what better way to celebrate than with some fun facts about U.S. Constitution!
  • The U.S. Constitution has 4,400 words. It is the oldest and shortest written Constitution of any major government in the world.
  • Of the spelling errors in the Constitution, “Pensylvania” above the signers’ names is probably the most glaring.
  • Thomas Jefferson did not sign the Constitution. He was in France during the Convention, where he served as the U.S. minister. John Adams was serving as the U.S. minister to Great Britain during the Constitutional Convention and did not attend either.
  • The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, A Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($661 today).
  • Since 1952, the Constitution has been on display in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. Currently, all four pages are displayed behind protective glass framed with titanium. To preserve the parchment’s quality, the cases contain argon gas and are kept at 67 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 40 percent.
  • Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17, the anniversary of the day the framers signed the document.
  • James Madison, “the father of the Constitution,” was the first to arrive in Philadelphia for the Constitutional Convention. He arrived in February, three months before the convention began, bearing the blueprint for the new Constitution.
  • Of the 42 delegates who attended most of the meetings, 39 actually signed the Constitution. Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to sign due in part to the lack of a bill of rights. When it came time for the states to ratify the Constitution, the lack of any bill of rights was the primary sticking point.
  • The Great Compromise saved the Constitutional Convention, and, probably, the Union. Authored by Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman, it called for proportional representation in the House, and one representative per state in the Senate (this was later changed to two). The compromise passed 5-to-4, with one state, Massachusetts, “divided.”
  • Patrick Henry was elected as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, but declined, because he “smelt a rat.”
  • Because of his poor health, Benjamin Franklin needed help to sign the Constitution. As he did so, tears streamed down his face.
  • Gouverneur Morris was largely responsible for the “wording” of the Constitution, although there was a Committee of Style formed in September 1787.
  • The oldest person to sign the Constitution was Benjamin Franklin (81). The youngest was Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey (26).
  • When the Constitution was signed, the United States’ population was 4 million. It is now more than 300 million. Philadelphia was the nation’s largest city, with 40,000 inhabitants.
  • A proclamation by President George Washington and a congressional resolution established the first national Thanksgiving Day on November 26, 1789. The reason for the holiday was to give “thanks” for the new Constitution.
For more of these fun facts, click here.

Photo courtesy of David Paul Ohmer on Flickr.


New Type of Massage Offered in the Student Clinic

For a limited time only, the MTTI-WellSpring Student Massage Clinic will offer Structural Integration Sessions. These 60-minute sessions are just $30 and focus on a particular area or two of the body that needs therapeutic work.

They're perfect for those with:
-Carpal Tunnel
-Chronic pain and headaches
-Back pain and scoliosis
-Sports injuries and rehabilitation
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia
-Head trauma and neurological problems
-Spasms and restriction of motion

Structural Integration sessions are offered at 9 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Afternoon sessions are scheduled for 1:15 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. Evening sessions are at 5:45 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.

These sessions will only be offered on a limited basis, so book your appointment now at 816-361-7733!


September Pulse Posted

Wanted the latest news and events from MTTI-WellSpring. Check out the September issue of The Pulse for the 411 on school news and policy, tips to go green, ways to prevent the spread of the flu virus, student events, new continuing education classes and how to get a free massage if you're a grad...


Taking the NCE Soon?

Every five years NCBTMB, the group who conducts the NCE, conducts a comprehensive job task analysis (JTA) to ensure its exams continue to address the most current standards in the field. The most recent JTA report called on the expertise of more than 4,000 massage professionals. Based on this industry input, NCBTMB updated its exams to reflect today’s job and performance competencies. The change didn't require a change in curriculum or program hours, be wanted you all to be aware!

For more information on the changes, click here.


Stopping Germs at Home, Work and School

Now that flu season is upon us, MTTI-WellSpring recommends that all of its students, faculty and staff practice good hygiene, get plenty of rest, eat nutritious foods and take care of themselves! (They should do this all of the time, but it's especially important now!)

To read about how germs spread and what you can do to prevent the flu at home, work and school, click here for the full article from the CDC.

Photo courtesy of aka Kath on Flickr.


5 Small Tips that Make a Big Difference

Here at MTTI-WellSpring we're committed to going green and making our community and environment healthier and more sustainable. Below are five small things that you can do to go green, too!

1. Clean and give. After a deep cleaning, keep items out of the landfill with a stoop
or garage sale, a posting on craigslist.org or by “freecycling” at www.freecycle.com.
Almost 4 million people worldwide freecycle by connecting their unwanted stuff to people.

2. Unplug it. Things like your car charger, DVD player, appliances, TV, cable boxes,
gaming stations, computers, stereos, power strips, etc. use a surprising amount of energy by just being plugged in. Unplug them while you’re at work or sleep to save and reduce energy use!

3. Know your footprint. An ecological footprint is the amount of air, land and
water that is required to provide us with the resources we use (including clothing, food, transport, furniture, electricity) and to absorb the waste we produce (including air pollution, sewage, rubbish). To measure your ecological footstep and take small steps to reduce it, go to www.earthday.org/footprint/index.asp.

4. Cut the junk (mail). The average U.S. household receives 1.5 trees’ worth of
junk mail each year, much of which is thrown right into the trash. If you want to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, register with the Mail Preference Service. It costs a dollar, but you can do it easily online at www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offmailinglist. For the junk mail you continue to receive, remember to toss it in the recycling!

5. Choose a laptop. If you’re planning to buy a new computer, consider getting a laptop or notebook instead of a desktop. Laptops require materials and less energy to produce than desktops and use a fraction of the electricity to run. If you choose a laptop over a desktop, you’ll save an average of 220 kilowatt-hours per year and about $20 on your annual electricity bill.

A big thanks to the MTTI-WellSpring Go Green Committee for compiling the above tips! If you’d like to get involved, email Jennipher.w@mtti.net.

“In the end, we conserve what we love. We love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.”


Get Your CE on!

Don't forget about MTTI-WellSpring's extensive Continuing Education calendar. It's not too late to sign up for Kevin Deal's class this weekend: Solutions for Migraines and TMJ issues; a Craniosacral Approach. Held this weekend, the workshop covers basic anatomy of the head and neck, the Pressurestat Model as described by the Upledger Institute, and several treatment techniques for clients with migraines, chronic headaches, TMJ issues and soft tissue issues of the thoracic inlet. Class participants will leave with an introductory knowledge of treatment techniques, a mini protocol for treatment, an introduction to emotional release work and intraoral soft tissue work, client care, and contraindications for treatment. It'll be great! Click here to sign up now. Never stop learning!

Click here to see all of the classes we offer!


Welcome MINH Students!

Earlier this month, MTTI-WellSpring welcomed students from the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing (MINH), a North Kansas City school specializing in Somatic Therapies. MINH recently announced they would be closing their doors effective July 31, 2009, and MTTI-WellSpring is pleased to adopt the Somatic Therapies program, in its entirety, to help MINH's students continue their massage therapy studies. A big welcome to our new MINH students!

To read more on the Somatic Therapies program and the transfer, click here. For more on MTTI-WellSpring, click here.


Prepare Now for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

If you have a massage business, then it's time you start preparing for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, October 25 - 31. The week is designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage, and encourage Americans to seek massage therapy for stress relief, pain management and general health.

Sponsored by AMTA, the week is celebrated in many unique ways, including public massage demonstrations, educational sessions on the benefits of massage and providing massage therapy for charitable events. Here at MTTI-WellSpring, we plan to offer discounted massages in our student clinic and continue our community service efforts.

How will you celebrate the week?

To learn more about National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, click here.


Exercise and Weight Loss Controversy

Time magazine recently published an article that is creating quite the buzz in the fitness world. The article makes a case that exercise may actually not help with weight loss because it makes you hungrier than usual and may make you less active during your everyday activities.

While we all know that exercise is good for us, when it comes to weight loss, the article poses an interesting question: Is working out good for losing weight?

Read the article and see what you think!

Photo courtesy of mikebaird on Flickr.


Students Raise $240 for KC Kids

The massage therapy students at MTTI-WellSpring do a ton of fun chair massage events around the Kansas City and Lawrence metro areas. While the students gain experience in massage therapy, it's also a way for the school to give back! Last week, four students volunteered at an event at Hollis + Miller Architects to benefit TLC, a Kansas City nonprofit that encourages positive growth and change for children, youth and families while ensuring a safe environment.

At the event, MTTI-WellSpring students raised more than $240 for TLC. Good job students!!!

To see more photos from the event, click here.


Eat Less with Yoga?

Wish that you were a little more mindful when you ate? Maybe you should pull out that yoga mat more often...

A recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reports that those who practiced yoga regularly gained less weight over a 10-year period than those who did not, even when controlling for exercise and dietary patterns. The researchers hypothesize that mindfulness—a skill learned either directly or indirectly through yoga—may be the reason for the positive results. Downward dog anyone?

For more details on the study, click here.

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica on Flickr.


Stretch It Out

When it comes to fitness, there are three main components of total health: cardio, strength and flexibility. While most people realize the heart benefits of cardio exercise and lifting weights, many times people forget about the importance of regular stretching—especially when you only have 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout. However, proper stretching can help less pain and reduce the likelihood of injury. I recently stumbled upon this link, which helps you to assess your own level of flexibility and develop a plan to increase it. Bendy is good!

Click here to see the Stretch to Win Personal Flexibility Assessment.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Mascarenhas on Flickr.


Beyond Massage

Here at MTTI-WellSpring, we focus mainly on massage and fitness, but in some classes and CEs, we do address energy-healing methods, such as Reiki, therapeutic touch and healing touch. While massage and fitness have been studied for their health benefits, energy-healing therapies are just now being found to have impressive benefits. A recent article on The Examiner discusses this and explains how energy-healing methods can be beneficial.

Click here to read the full article.

Photo courtesy of joguldi on Flickr.


Do Energy Drinks Give You Energy?

From Red Bull to Monster, energy drinks seem to be everywhere. They're in grocery stores, gas stations and many of our students use them to get through a late-night study session or a long weekend class. But, are they bad for you? Do they actually work? And, maybe most importantly, do they pick you up only to make you crash later? Recently, CNN published an article that discusses the pros, cons and unknowns of energy drinks. It just might make you think twice before picking up that energy drink.

Photo courtesy of Fristle on Flickr.


Adding New Services to Your Massage Business

At MTTI-WellSpring, we have a number of students who complete both the Fitness Training and Wellness Program and our Massage Therapy Program. Why? Because with two complimentary services, they can offer their clients more. And, let's be honest, when you offer more, you can make more!

According to a recent article in Massage Magazine, extra services—such as aromatherapy or reiki—can make customers happy and keep them coming back. It also helps you stand out from the competition. Feel free to tell us in the comments if you offer extras and why!

Click here to read the full story.

Photo courtesy of Eggybird on Flickr.


Fit Kids Get Better Grades

Students who get regular activity don't just beat their classmates in P.E. class, they also beat them in test-taking.

According to a recent study out of New York City public schools, students who scored in the top 5 percent of a fitness assessment outscored the bottom 5 percent by an average of 36 percentile points on standardized academic tests. In NYC, 21 percent of kindergarten through eigth-grade students are obese and another 18 percent are overweight.

Click here to read the full article.

Photo courtesy of nd.strupler on Flickr.

July Pulse Ready for Reading!

The July edition of The Pulse is up and ready for reading. This month's issue features MTTI-WellSpring's latest news, steps to going green, a student success story, and the latest community events and CEs that students and grads can sign up for.

Click here to read the full issue!


Fish: What to Eat for Health and Sustainability

The negative health consequences of too much mercury in the diet from seafood is well documented and publicized, but, overall, seafood is a good source of protein with either little fat or good fats. So, what do you eat and what do you steer clear of?

The New York Times blog recently shared tips for choosing fish that's healthy and sustainable, including which seafood should be eaten less often and which fish to avoid entirely. Go fish!

Click here to read the full article.

Photo courtesy of mccun934 on Flickr.