Graduation Slideshow

As promised, here's a few photo slideshow from our recent massage therapy graduation. Enjoy!

If you can't see the video, click here.

In addition, here's a poem that was written read at the ceremony by Wayne Suitor, 710 evening massage therapy graduate:

A Toast to Class 710EM
We have learned things for the tip of your toes
To the tip of your nose
And even the bowl of your tummy.
We know things to make you feel good,
And things to make you feel yummy.

We know things that lift your spirits
And give your emotions a fit.
We know some things that are really cool.
And some that are just freaky...stuff.

We know that C is not just for cookie
And that is okay with me.
Sharon, it's not the letter A, B, D or F
It is the letter C.

My name is Larry Wayne,
And it might be sin,
But turn out the lights, the party's over,
And let the money making begin!

Thanks to all who attended graduation. It was definitely a special time!