Take the Challenge

Up for a challenge? Discovery Health might have you covered. Their free National Body Challenge is a comprehensive fitness and weight-loss program that provides the tools and inspiration to get in shape. Signing up for the challenge includes a free 30-day pass to Bally Total Fitness, access to customizable meals and fitness plans, more than 1,000 healthy recipes and more. Talk about a deal!

To go along with the challenge, Discovery Health is airing a five-part competition series that tracks the weight-loss journey of two competing teams, each consisting of three severely overweight individuals. Led by health and fitness expert Dr. Lydie Hazan, along with fitness trainers, a nutrition consultant and a therapist, the participants are put on comprehensive diet and exercise plans and have six months to trade in a lifetime of bad habits for a healthy new way of living. The series began airing on Monday but runs through tomorrow night, so check it out! If you can't watch this week, there's lots of footage online here, too.

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