The Curse of "Phantom Fat"

When people get in shape and drop pounds, they can see the number on the scale go down, but they can't always wrap their head around it. In fact, according to new research, some people who lose dramatic amounts of weight still think of themselves as being their former size, avoiding small chairs and other previously uncomfortable situations. This sensation is called "phantom fat" by researchers.

Women especially seem to suffer from this, say body-image experts, because many discover that despite their weight-loss, they still aren’t “perfect.” Too often successful weight-loss cases expect to look like a swimsuit model in a magazine, and are disappointed when that’s not the case, researchers say.

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7 Abdominal Techniques

Looking to beef up your abdominal massage techniques? Massage and Bodywork magazine recently posted a list of seven different techniques for the abs. Techniques include Hara Shiatsu, Visceral Manipulation, Chi Nei Tsang and more. Check it out. You might just learn something new!

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Read the June Edition of The Pulse

If you're looking to stay on top of the news at MTTI-WellSpring's Kansas City and Lawrence campus, then The Pulse is your ticket. This month's edition features the school's new healthy smoking policy, an announcement of an upcoming job fair for our massage therapists, the introduction of the daytime Fitness Training and Wellness Program, and new massage times being offered in the MTTI-WellSpring Student Clinic. There's a lot goin' on!

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Do What You Love: Marlo Michalowski

In this month's edition of Do What You Love, we feature MTTI-WellSpring Fitness Training and Wellness Program graduate, Marlo Michalowski. Marlo graduated in January 2009 and has since been working successfully as a Personal Trainer in Lawrence.

Do What You Love: Marlo Michalowski
Marlo Michalowski first became a personal trainer to make people healthy and happy.

"I don't think people should be unhappy because they can't wear a certain size or fit in a roller coaster seat or play with their kids," she says. "I want to help people take back control of their lives and get healthy."


A Fitness Myth?

It's long been believed by fitness professionals that once you complete a high-intensity workout, your body's metabolism revs up and keeps burning calories at a higher-than-usual rate for the next 24 hours. This not only helps people lose weight, but it also provides them with motivation to work out regularly.

Sadly, however, new research shows that the after-exercise burn may be more fiction than fact. The study's authors report that while people do burn more fat when they are exercising than when they are not, they have no greater ability to burn fat over the next 24 hours than on days when they are sedentary. Darn.

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Five Reasons to Not Drink Bottled Water

As part of MTTI-WellSpring continued effort to go green and be as environmentally conscious as possible, we're getting the word out to our staff, faculty, students, graduates and community that bottled water, although healthier for you than drinking bottled soda, has a huge environmental downside.

Besides filing up landfills, plastic bottles have many other consequences on our environment and the world at large, including increasing water shortages. So, please, avoid bottled water and use a refillable water container!

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The Healing Power of Touch

We all know the positive benefits of massage on people of all ages, but research is showing that massage may be especially beneficial to those suffering under the effects of dementia. A recent article in Massage Today talks at length about how massage can help those affected by Alzheimer's disease by addressing and fulfilling Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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And please tell us in the comments if you have personal experience with how massage can help those with Alzheimer's disease.

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Cultivate Mindfulness

Feel like you're always rushing? Here's a tip: Take a second to take some deep breaths, and pay attention to what you're doing. 

Researchers say that by being mindful in your activities (work, eating, walking, etc.) you can reduce stress levels dramatically. Regular participation in activities such as yoga, stretches and meditation can help you practice, but mindfulness can be cultivated at any time just by fully focusing on the task at hand. If you're running, pay attention to how your body is moving, if you're at work give one task your undivided attention (read: no multitasking) and if you're eating focus on the flavors and textures in each bite. Don't you feel better already?

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Roll Out the Welcome Mat

This week we're welcoming a bunch of new students to the Massage Therapy, and Fitness Training and Wellness Program. The first day of class is always exciting, and we'd like to welcome each and every one of our new students to MTTI-WellSpring!

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