5 Small Tips that Make a Big Difference

Here at MTTI-WellSpring we're committed to going green and making our community and environment healthier and more sustainable. Below are five small things that you can do to go green, too!

1. Clean and give. After a deep cleaning, keep items out of the landfill with a stoop
or garage sale, a posting on craigslist.org or by “freecycling” at www.freecycle.com.
Almost 4 million people worldwide freecycle by connecting their unwanted stuff to people.

2. Unplug it. Things like your car charger, DVD player, appliances, TV, cable boxes,
gaming stations, computers, stereos, power strips, etc. use a surprising amount of energy by just being plugged in. Unplug them while you’re at work or sleep to save and reduce energy use!

3. Know your footprint. An ecological footprint is the amount of air, land and
water that is required to provide us with the resources we use (including clothing, food, transport, furniture, electricity) and to absorb the waste we produce (including air pollution, sewage, rubbish). To measure your ecological footstep and take small steps to reduce it, go to www.earthday.org/footprint/index.asp.

4. Cut the junk (mail). The average U.S. household receives 1.5 trees’ worth of
junk mail each year, much of which is thrown right into the trash. If you want to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, register with the Mail Preference Service. It costs a dollar, but you can do it easily online at www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offmailinglist. For the junk mail you continue to receive, remember to toss it in the recycling!

5. Choose a laptop. If you’re planning to buy a new computer, consider getting a laptop or notebook instead of a desktop. Laptops require materials and less energy to produce than desktops and use a fraction of the electricity to run. If you choose a laptop over a desktop, you’ll save an average of 220 kilowatt-hours per year and about $20 on your annual electricity bill.

A big thanks to the MTTI-WellSpring Go Green Committee for compiling the above tips! If you’d like to get involved, email Jennipher.w@mtti.net.

“In the end, we conserve what we love. We love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.”


Get Your CE on!

Don't forget about MTTI-WellSpring's extensive Continuing Education calendar. It's not too late to sign up for Kevin Deal's class this weekend: Solutions for Migraines and TMJ issues; a Craniosacral Approach. Held this weekend, the workshop covers basic anatomy of the head and neck, the Pressurestat Model as described by the Upledger Institute, and several treatment techniques for clients with migraines, chronic headaches, TMJ issues and soft tissue issues of the thoracic inlet. Class participants will leave with an introductory knowledge of treatment techniques, a mini protocol for treatment, an introduction to emotional release work and intraoral soft tissue work, client care, and contraindications for treatment. It'll be great! Click here to sign up now. Never stop learning!

Click here to see all of the classes we offer!


Welcome MINH Students!

Earlier this month, MTTI-WellSpring welcomed students from the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing (MINH), a North Kansas City school specializing in Somatic Therapies. MINH recently announced they would be closing their doors effective July 31, 2009, and MTTI-WellSpring is pleased to adopt the Somatic Therapies program, in its entirety, to help MINH's students continue their massage therapy studies. A big welcome to our new MINH students!

To read more on the Somatic Therapies program and the transfer, click here. For more on MTTI-WellSpring, click here.


Prepare Now for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

If you have a massage business, then it's time you start preparing for National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, October 25 - 31. The week is designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massage, and encourage Americans to seek massage therapy for stress relief, pain management and general health.

Sponsored by AMTA, the week is celebrated in many unique ways, including public massage demonstrations, educational sessions on the benefits of massage and providing massage therapy for charitable events. Here at MTTI-WellSpring, we plan to offer discounted massages in our student clinic and continue our community service efforts.

How will you celebrate the week?

To learn more about National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, click here.


Exercise and Weight Loss Controversy

Time magazine recently published an article that is creating quite the buzz in the fitness world. The article makes a case that exercise may actually not help with weight loss because it makes you hungrier than usual and may make you less active during your everyday activities.

While we all know that exercise is good for us, when it comes to weight loss, the article poses an interesting question: Is working out good for losing weight?

Read the article and see what you think!

Photo courtesy of mikebaird on Flickr.


Students Raise $240 for KC Kids

The massage therapy students at MTTI-WellSpring do a ton of fun chair massage events around the Kansas City and Lawrence metro areas. While the students gain experience in massage therapy, it's also a way for the school to give back! Last week, four students volunteered at an event at Hollis + Miller Architects to benefit TLC, a Kansas City nonprofit that encourages positive growth and change for children, youth and families while ensuring a safe environment.

At the event, MTTI-WellSpring students raised more than $240 for TLC. Good job students!!!

To see more photos from the event, click here.


Eat Less with Yoga?

Wish that you were a little more mindful when you ate? Maybe you should pull out that yoga mat more often...

A recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reports that those who practiced yoga regularly gained less weight over a 10-year period than those who did not, even when controlling for exercise and dietary patterns. The researchers hypothesize that mindfulness—a skill learned either directly or indirectly through yoga—may be the reason for the positive results. Downward dog anyone?

For more details on the study, click here.

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Stretch It Out

When it comes to fitness, there are three main components of total health: cardio, strength and flexibility. While most people realize the heart benefits of cardio exercise and lifting weights, many times people forget about the importance of regular stretching—especially when you only have 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout. However, proper stretching can help less pain and reduce the likelihood of injury. I recently stumbled upon this link, which helps you to assess your own level of flexibility and develop a plan to increase it. Bendy is good!

Click here to see the Stretch to Win Personal Flexibility Assessment.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Mascarenhas on Flickr.