Congrats to Our Costume Contest Winners!

We had a blast this week dressing up and celebrating Halloween. Below are all the winners of our costume contest!

Wednesday Daytime Winners
Tied Grand Prize: Michael McMahon as a Cool Dude and Neesha Brost as Daisy Duck

2nd Place: Jackie Bradbury as G.I. Jackie

3rd Place: Angelique Kelly as a ladybug

Honorable Mention: JoAnna Reidel as a witch and Jessica King as Tinker Bell

Wednesday Evening Winners
Grand Prize: A tie among Karen Strain, Kris Nichols, Jackie Keil and Mikayela Nield, all portraying Desperate Housewives:

Thursday Daytime Winners
Grand Prize: Simone Beason as a belly-dancing pirate

2nd Prize: Trey Grimes as a rock star

3rd Prize: Angela Reynolds as a zombie prom queen

Thursday Evening Winners
Grand Prize: Son-Se-Ray Colburn, as a “torn muscle”

2nd place: Stephanie Burton as Supergirl

3rd Place: Letha Carlson as a Witch

To see photos of ALL the dressed-up students, staff and faculty, click here.

A big thanks to all for dressing up and participating, and a HUGE thanks to Mardi Miller and Andrea Farquharson for setting up the contest!!!