Where Does Massage Therapy Stand Today?

Here at the school, we get monthly copies of the massage therapy trade publication, Massage Today. In this month's issue, the magazine asked an important question: Where does massage therapy stand today? As the industry has become more regulated and recognized, it's a good read on where the industry has been, where it's going and what work still needs to be done.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

MTTI-WellSpring would like to wish every one of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. May you be thankful and enjoy all that life has to offer!

And if you're looking for a few tips on how to enjoy yourself yet not go too overboard on the holiday treats today, check out these "Turkey Time" tips!

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What to Eat to Stay Healthy (and Flu Free!) This Winter

Did you know that what you eat can greatly affect how easily your body fights off the common cold and the flu? It's true!

The online site iVillage recently released their seven power foods to keep your immunity up. While common remedies such as orange juice made the list, you may be surprised at some of the foods listed.

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10 Ways to Go Green at Home!

Want to green but aren't sure where to start? Start at home! You can further MTTI-WellSpring's Go Green efforts by making a difference at home by following just a few simple tips, such as investing in a programmable thermostat and biking instead of driving when running errands.


MTTI-WellSpring Instructor Featured in Massage Magazine

Our very own instructor Kristin Phillips Lennard was recently featured in Massage Magazine. She provided the massage industry publication with a business tip regarding finding your niche. Great advice, Kristen!

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Want to Lose Weight? Study Says to Slow Down...

In a society where we eat on the go, and eat quickly because we're rushing to get to our next to-do, it's no wonder that many of us are overweight. We rarely stop to think about our food, taste every bite and enjoy it.

Turns out, new research now says that eating quickly can really pack on the pounds. In fact, according to at study in the The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, eating a meal quickly, as compared to slowly, curtails the release of hormones in the stomach that makes you feel full. This decreased release of hormones can then lead to overeating. That's reason enough to slow down, right?

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Featured Course: Core Techniques with Kevin Deal, LMT

The staff and faculty at MTTI-WellSpring have been working hard behind the scenes to revamp our Continuing Education program to make it more diverse, timely and exciting! While we're still working on a lot of new classes and expect to bring in some big massage and fitness industry names in 2010, I wanted to bring your attention to a class that will run later this month: Core Techniques.

This workshop is a must for clinical therapists or others wanting to improve their techniques to address low back issues or other structural distortions of the spine. This special class is being taught by Kevin Deal, LMT, who has been practicing massage since 2002, and has been an instructor at MTTI-WellSpring since 2006. His work in the massage industry includes more than 4,500 hours of hands-on experience. Believe me, you won't want to miss it!

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Go Green by Carpooling!

So you know how we're going green at MTTI-WellSpring? Well, our next Go Green initiative is carpooling!

If you're a student and would like a buddy to carpool with to school (you not only reduce your impact on the earth but you can also make a new friend), email jennipher.w@mtti.net with your name, class times and what city you live in. We'll try to group those interested by location and times at the school to make the most of opportunity.