MTTI-WellSpring Wins Biotone's Community Service Award!

MTTI-WellSpring is happy to announce that the school has won one of Biotone's Community Service Awards for the school's work with the Kansas City Police Department! More details and photos to come! But we wanted to let all know the good news!

Read the announcement in Massage Magazine here!


Recession Got You Down? Don't Let It!

If you're a working massage therapist or personal trainer and are planning to wait out the recession, don't just wait around. Take this opportunity to look at your offerings, marketing and customer service and make it the best that it can be! In this recent editorial in Massage Magazine, Jean Shea gives some inspiring tips to make the most of your business now!

And although the article is geared towards massage therapists, the tricks and tips really apply to any wellness professional with clients!

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Work Out Those Cravings

Want to quit smoking but are having problems kicking the bad habit? Try replacing an unhealthy behavior with a healthy one! Recent research from the University of Western Ontario found that exercise may help to reduce cravings, therefore making it easier to quit smoking for good! Not to mention that the exercise counteracts any fears you have about gaining weight once you stop smoking!

Click here to read the full article and study.

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Save Those Pop Tabs to Help the Ronald McDonald House

We will be collecting old and unused keys and pop-top tabs to benefit the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House. The nonprofit organization recycles them and collects the funds to help lessen the burden of childhood illness on children and their families.

At the WellSpring KC campus, we'll soon have a collection jar for each of these items in the student lounge. In the meantime, start collecting them!

Thanks for your help -- each one we collect helps!

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16 Reasons Not to Diet

It's pretty well known that most diets--in the traditional sense of the word--don't last or work. They're just too hard to keep up because they rely on deprivation for weight-loss. And how likes deprivation?!

Below is an article that details the 16 reasons why diets don't work! And healthy lifestyle change does!

Click here to read the full article.

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WellSpring | MTTI Study Finds that Massage Improves Wellbeing in Police Officers

Kansas City police officers are stressed. Most sit for hours on end in a police car, only to be jolted by an emergency and expected to act quickly. Faced with a number of these difficult situations each day, it’s no wonder that the rate of depression, suicide and divorce in police officers is higher than the normal population. Additionally, police officers aren’t always recognized for their hard work in the community. WellSpring | MTTI wanted to change all that.

Click here to read the full story and see results from the study!

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Are you ready for 2010 to be your best year ever?

If so, now is the time to set your intentions!

Join us Sunday, January 17th from 9 am to 6 pm for a powerful day of contemplation and renewal to honor the New Year and set clear intentions for 2010. This workshop is an artful combination of guided exercises, group sharing, personal exploration, journal writing and creative art to release the past and anchor your 2010 intentions into the physical. You will even leave the workshop with a personally created art piece to carry your intentions forward and service as an inspiration as 2010 goes on.

Get complete with your past and experience the joy and power of inviting possibilities to manifest in the New Year! Sign up for the workshop today!


Reiki and Alternative Therapies Endorsed by Dr. Oz

Today at 3 p.m. on Fox News, the Dr. Oz Show will feature Reiki (an energy healing therapy we teach here at the school) in part of a segment on alternative medicine.

It's exciting to see a mainstream TV show and a credible doctor featuring these alternative therapies! Be sure to tune in today if you can!

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