Upcoming Wellness Classes

Did you make a resolution in 2010 to better yourself or your career? Well don't lose the momentum now! MTTI-WellSpring has a number of upcoming continuing education classes for massage therapists, personal trainers and anyone looking to better themselves and get healthier.

Here's what classes are coming up this Spring!

See the full class schedule here and check back often, as we frequently add new classes!


Compulsive Eating an Addiction?

As the battle of the bulge continues, a new piece of research from The Scripps Research Institute sheds new light on the causes of obesity. According to the study, compulsive eating may be caused and encouraged by the same molecular mechanisms that drive people into drug addiction. Then, in turn, the compulsive eating leads to obesity over time as it takes more and more higher-calorie, fat-laden foods to satiate the pleasure centers of the brain.

Note that this study was done in rats and not people, but it is food for thought! Read more about the compulsive eating study here.

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Trader Joes in Kansas City?

Have you guys heard about Trader Joes? They're this great chain of organic and affordable grocery stores, mainly located in major cities on the coasts. But rumor has it that they may be looking at bringing a store to Kansas City finally (and after many Trade Joes' fans requests).

In the meantime though, if you really want to get your hands on some Trader Joe goodies, you can place an order with KCgroceryService.com.

Here's to affordable and organic eating in the Kansas City metro area!


Celebrate Earth Hour With Us!

Have you heard of Earth Hour?

During Earth Hour, this Saturday at 8:30 p.m., hundreds of millions of people around the world will come together to call for action on climate change by doing something quite simple—turning off their lights for one hour. The movement symbolizes that by working together, each of us can make a positive impact in this fight, protecting our future and that of future generations.

Find out more about Earth Hour at https://www.myearthhour.org/home.

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Get a Dose of Fitness Reality!

Think you need hours a day and fancy equipment to get fit? Think again.

This 3- hour seminar on Saturday, April 24th from 9 am to 1 pm is open to anyone in the community and will separate fact from fiction when it comes to fitness. The workshop will teach participants simple and easy ways achieve maximal results without fuss. The seminar will detail current fitness myths, trends and commercial marketing tactics such as infomercials to tell you the real truth about what works and what doesn’t.

Sign up now! The class costs just $30! All are welcome!


Personal Trainer Gains Weight to Relate to Clients

ABC News recently reported on a story where a well-known Australian personal trainer packed on the pounds to his formerly famous in-shape physique in order to better understand his overweight clients. He began the experiment at 180 pounds and plans to get to 265 pounds. He stopped exercising and regularly eats unhealthy foods such as doughnuts, pizza and cream-based sauces with pasta. You can read the full story here.

What do you think about this? And for our personal training students at the Kansas City and Lawrence campus, would you do this for your clients?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here at MTTI-WellSpring we're all decked out in green and have special treats for the students, faculty and staff. But how are you celebrating the Irish holiday? Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!

(And isn't this puppy just the cutest?!)

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Massage Therapists: 8 Tips to Go Green!

Are you a massage therapist who wants to better the world? Go green! By making eight simple changes to your business and practice, you can save energy and the earth's resources. And guess what? It's easy to do!

Click here to read the go green tips!

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Going on a Diet? Choose Wisely...

If you're looking to change how you eat, don't just try the latest diet where you only eat cookies or nosh on celery. Instead, do it right with a diet that you can follow for a lifetime! The Daily Beast recently reviewed the 10 most effective diets. Think you can guess what they are? The answers might surprise you.

Read the full top 10 diet list here!

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Genes and Your Diet

Could your genes determine what diet will help you lose the most weight? Or the least? Some researchers now believe that a simple genetic test (at $149 a pop) can tell if you're best suited for a low-carb or low-fat diet for weight-loss. For the full article and more details, click here.

Would you pay for a genetic test with the hope of losing more weight?

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Two Bananas For Breakfast to Lose Weight?

Have you heard of the two-banana diet? We hadn't. But it turns out that research is proving that bananas are pretty powerful fruits that may reduce hunger, help you lose weight and keep blood pressure down, especially if you eat two every morning for breakfast. Plus, bananas are totally portable and tasty! To read more about the banana diet, click here.

How many bananas a day do you eat? Would you eat two a day for breakfast to lose weight and become healthier?

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Green Tea's New Health Benefit!

Green tea is regularly touted for its health benefits, but new research shows an amazing new way that green tea's antioxidant and disease-fighting properties is beneficial: it actually penetrates into tissues of the eye! This new finding raises the possibility that green tea may protect against glaucoma and other common eye diseases. Now that's something to raise your cup of green tea to!

To read more about the study, click here.

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