Kansas City Listed as 6th Fattest City

A recent report by Men's Health magazine listed Kansas City as the 6th fattest city in America. Ouch. Kansas City received a health grade of "F" for it's percentage of citizens who are overweight, have type 2 diabetes, regularly eat fast food and are sedentary.

Want to help reverse this trend? Become a personal trainer.

See the full list of fattest and fittest cities here!


Recess for Grown-Ups?

If you think recess is just for kiddos, think again. A new National Physical Activity Plan has been released and it's goal is to promote physical activity in all areas of life--health care, business, neighborhoods, etc.--and make exercise a normal part of life for everyone. By "exercise," they're not talking about long hours at the gym getting sweaty, but rather small doable chunks of activity to make all of us less sedentary.

One of the group's ideas? Ten-minute recess breaks over the course of a work day, like this company is doing. Talk about being better than a coffee or smoke break!


Check Out the New Fitness Learning Center

As you may have heard, WellSpring opened a new fitness learning center that's a hybrid classroom and workout area with state-of-the-art fitness equipment!

We recently held an open house in the space to celebrate it properly, but wanted to pass along some photos that show the room's renovation process from unused space (with mauve walls!) to a perfectly WellSpring space that provides fitness training and wellness students with the tools and knowledge to become top personal trainers!


Remember the Chi Flow With a Little Fun

Amy Messer, WellSpring instructor, recently put together the below skit to help her massage therapy students remember and know the 12 meridians for the circadian clock (aka chi flow). It's a fun little clip that we wanted to share, so that our massage therapy students could review it time and time again to remember it! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

Can't see the video? Click for the chi flow skit!


Get Mom Something She'll Really Love this Mother's Day

Don't get mom the same old bouquet of flowers that you do every year. This year, get her something she'll really love--a massage!

MTTI-WellSpring's Student Massage Clinic sells gift certificates in all amounts, so you can affordably and easily get your mother a 30-, 50- or 90-minute massage just for $20, $30 or $50, respectively. Everyone wins!

Click here to buy your gift certificate today!

Photo by uberculture on Flickr.


Instructor Loses 30+ Pounds!

Remember when we told you about Kevin Deal participating in a weight-loss competition for KC Fitness Magazine? Well the competition is over, and Kevin rocked it! In 12 weeks, Kevin lost an impressive 30.2 pounds. Congrats, Kevin!

Check out his final video and interview here. In the clip, they show footage from his first interview, so you can really see how much body--and his thinking--have changed. We're so proud of you, Kevin!

Also, a big shout out to Jim Heatherman, KC Fitness Program Manager. Jim was Kevin's trainer and the man behind the sweat.

Happy National Teacher Day to Our Fabulous Instructors!

Today is National Teacher Day! To celebrate we're giving a big THANK YOU to our amazing instructors here at MTTI-WellSpring. Our faculty are experts in their respective field of health, wellness, fitness and/or massage therapy and are dedicated to seeing their students succeed and reach their dreams and goals.

Tell us, which teacher inspired you the most (either at WellSpring or any where else) and why?