Wonder What It's Like to Get Personal Training Certified? Follow Jake!

If you've ever considered getting a personal training certification or wondered what fitness trainers have to go through to be qualified to train, we have a site for you! NASM recently began a blog called The Jake Project that follows a young aspiring trainer, Jake, as he begins his quest to become a NASM-certified personal trainer.

The site aims to help others learn along with Jake--his trials, tribulations and successes. NASM also wants working trainers to help him through the process, offering tips, techniques and advice on how to become successful, pass the exam and learn how to be an amazing personal trainer! We kinda think he should come to school at WellSpring...


Have You Heard of Kinesio Taping?

I've heard a lot more about Kinesio Taping lately, but instead of it being just used by athletic trainers and physical therapists, massage therapists are starting to utilize it as well.

Check out this recent article from Massage Magazine that explains what Kinesio Taping is, how it might work (although researchers aren't exactly sure why, which is fascinating) and how it's being used by massage therapists!

Read more about Kinesio Taping.


Study Shows Reduced-Fat Diets Cut Cancer in People—and Dogs

One recent nutrition study has a clear finding: When humans and dogs eat fewer Omega-6 fatty acids (such as corn oil, vegetable oil and grain-fed red meat) and cut calories their risk of cancer declines. In fact, as many as 1 out of 3 cancer deaths in humans and dogs could be prevented with these two steps, researchers say.

So why are Omega-6s part of the problem? According to the research, too much Omega-6 fatty acid can lead to inflammation, which creates an environment conducive to cancer in dogs and people. Scientists suggested reducing sugar intake, too, as excess sugar can also lead to obesity and fuel cancer cells. Click here to read more about this unique health study.


Activity May Not Play a Role in Childhood Obesity?

As even the First Lady is trying to get kids to move more and eat better, one study is saying that one of those initiatives just won't help solve obesity. Yep, believe it or not, researchers from the EarlyBird Diabetes Study found that physical activity has little if any role to play in the childhood obesity epidemic.

In fact, in the study, physical activity had no impact on weight change. However, weight clearly led to less activity.
The study states that "The implications are profound for public health policy, because the physical activity of children (crucial to their fitness and well-being) may never improve unless the burgeoning levels of childhood obesity are first checked. If this cannot be achieved through physical activity, the focus has to be on what--and how much--children consume."

Of course being active has a slew of health benefits associated with it, but this is food (pun intended) for thought for those hoping to reverse the obesity trend, isn't it?


WellSpring Featured in Lawrence Journal World

Here at WellSpring, we know how powerful massage therapy can be for changing lives and reducing people's pain. But it's always nice when mainstream media does, too. A recent article in the Lawrence Journal World, featured the story of WellSpring instructor Olivia London-Webb and WellSpring student Jamie Oller, who are raising funds and planning to travel to Vietnam in December to teach caregivers at a pediatric orphanage how to give massage.

One quote really drives the point home as to why massage therapy is so important, even in children: “People all need touch to thrive,” London-Webb says. “If you don’t have touch, you won’t thrive. Touch is the very first sense we get when we’re born and the last one to leave when we die. You have to have that human connection.”


Which Is Louder: Your Head or Your Heart?

Do you make decisions with your head or your heart? We recently stumbled across this article about tapping into your intuition and listening to your heart instead of always relying on your head.

As educators in natural health and wellness, we teach our students in massage therapy and personal training to be both logical about their skills but also intuitive about what their clients' needs. We also teach them to listen to their own bodies and hearts when it comes to their own lives. And, no surprise, many of them come to school here based on their heart's desire to help others, instead of working in a cubicle all day.

When it comes to decision making, do you listen to your heart or your mind?

Photo courtesy of Kirstea on Flickr.


Join Us for Qi Gong & Understanding Emotional Eating

We are constantly adding new wellness community classes to our calendar. From weight-loss to raw foods to Feng Shui, our community program offers a range of workshops to enrich your wellbeing--and your life. Here are two upcoming classes that you don't want to miss!

Qi Gong I
Date: Sunday, July 25
Time: 9 am to noon
Cost: $30
Qi Gong (Chi Gung) was designed over a 3,000-year period to help teach people how to deal with the world around them. It is a set of tools that is easy to learn and implement in your life. Qi Gong can have a profound impact on the way you see stress and how you allow it to impact your life. It is a series of simple-to-learn exercises that develop deeper breath, a stronger spine and a healthier body. By actively practicing relaxation and body awareness, you can learn how to deal with stress and how to smooth the emotions.
Understanding Emotional Eating
Date: Sunday, July 25
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
Cost: $30
Are you eating out of boredom, stress, loneliness or unhappiness? Learn about the phenomena known as emotional eating and find out what you're really hungry for. This workshop will go over how your emotional and mental state can influence your physical well-being, as well as share tips on how to overcome emotional eating.


Aspartame Has a New Name

For those of you who avoid aspartame, we have news for you. In an attempt to rebrand as a sweetener that's more "natural," aspartame is now going by the name AminoSweet. The name also goes by NutraSweet and Canderel.

According to an article in The Huffington Post by Dr. Mercola, there are more than 10,000 official FDA complaints about aspartame, but by the FDA's own admission, less than 1 percent of those who experience a reaction to a product ever report it. So, in theory, the toxic effects of aspartame may have affected roughly a million people already, Mercola writes.

While a variety of symptoms have been reported, almost two-thirds of them fall into the neurological and behavioral category consisting mostly of headaches, mood alteration, and hallucinations, Mercola says. The remaining third is mostly gastrointestinal symptoms. Add to this that fake sugars have also been shown to increase cravings and food consumption. Doesn't sound very fun, huh?

Click here to read the full article on aspartame's negative health effects.

Are Cell Phones Killing Bees?

A new study from India presents data that may explain why the bee population is dying off: cell phones!

Bee experts think that the cell phone radiation may be effecting bee's ability to navigate, therefore inhibiting their ability to go back to their beehives. Researchers hooked up bee hives to cell phones twice a day for 15 minutes, and found that after three months, bees stopped producing honey, egg production fell by a half, and the size of the hive dwindled.

Not all hope is lost though. Scientists do suspect that if the frequency on cell phones was changed, it could help. Read more about how cell phones affect bees!


Massage Helps Reduce Dentists' Pain

Although many people are afraid of going to the dentist, turns out that dentists themselves struggle with pain, too. According to recent research of almost 400 dentists, 72 percent report should pain, 70 percent suffer from neck pain and about half have low-back pain.

Although dentists in Thailand have long been using massage therapy to reduce their pain, U.S. doctors haven't quite jumped on the massage bandwagon yet. It's estimated that traditional Thai massage can reduce pain by 52 percent of those affected. Read the full article on how massage can help reduce dentists' pain here.

So how can you help if you're a massage therapist? Start offering massage therapy services to dentists in your area!


Go Green and Be Healthy This 4th of July!

The 4th of July is just around the corner and with it comes gatherings, BBQs and fireworks! While celebrating the holiday is always a lot of fun, we don't always do so in the greenest or healthiest of ways. (Just think of those plastic cups, creamy potato salads and all of that smoke from the firecrackers!)

So how can your holiday party be more eco-friendly and health conscious? Follow these tips for a green and healthy 4th of July! After all, it's the patriotic thing to do.