Is Water the Way to Weight-Loss?

For years, fitness and health professionals have been telling people to drink more water. Not only is hydration key for the body functioning optimally, but also water helps "fill you up." But has there been any science behind the drink-more-water-lose-weight claim? Not until now.

New research shows that drinking just two eight-ounce glasses of water before meals can help people eat between 75-90 fewer calories at each meal. Over the course of 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before three meals a day lost five more pounds than those who did not increase their water intake. Read more of the water and weight-loss research here.

Will you drink more water now?


More Students Choosing Career Schools

The Lawrence-Journal World recently did a story on how more students aren't going to colleges and universities, instead they're turning to career schools! WellSpring was featured as part of the article for its programs in massage therapy and personal training.


Just How Harmful Are Hormones in Our Foods and Environment?

We have all heard how bad environmental hormones are for us, and how prolific they are in our foods, particularly in meat and dairy products. However a recent news report is pretty startling. According to the report: Female infants in China who have been fed formula have been growing breasts.

According to a Chinese newspaper, medical tests done on the babies between four and 15 months old showed estrogen levels as high as what's normally seen in adult women. The jury is still out as to exactly what--it may be many causes--is causing the spike, but it's definitely cause for concern.

Read the full article here. And tell us, what do you think?


Upcoming Commuity Classes at WellSpring

It's hot outside, so why not head inside and learn with WellSpring? Our upcoming community classes are sure to empower you to take charge of your wellbeing. From getting fit at any age to learning the principles of Feng Shui, it's cool to be at WellSpring!

Click here to read more about our upcoming community wellness classes!


The Most Valuable Degrees Might Surprise You

Yahoo recently introduced a list of some of the most valuable college degrees. While some on the list aren't surprising (No. 1 is bachelor's degree in business administration), some of them really are.

Also, as the massage and fitness industries both become more allied with the medical field, we're happy to see that careers in medical assisting and nursing are also topping the list!

See the full most valuable college degree list here.


When Did Healers Get Such a Bad Rap?

What is a healer anyway? Is he or she a spiritual person? A highly intuitive person? A doctor? An old soul? Someone who helps others?

According to an article from Massage Today, being a "healer" can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and not always the most positive of meanings. What do you think a healer is? What does that person do?