Start the New Year Off Right

Ready to make 2011 your best year? Take our New Year's Spiritual Renewal community class to set clear intentions for 2011!

New Year's Spiritual Renewal
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011
Times: 9 am - 6 pm
Cost: $136
Prerequisite: None
Class hours: 8

Join in sacred circle to create deliberate and powerful closure with 2010, which will open the space to create and set clear intentions for 2011. This workshop is an artful combination of guided exercises, group sharing, personal exploration, living ceremony, journal writing, and creative art to release and complete on the past and anchor your 2011 intentions into the physical. The numerical, astrological and energetic significance of 2011 will also be explored so students can engage these energies consciously. The class will conclude with a special ceremony: an individual activation. This activation will be personalized and charged with the exact energetic frequency necessary to assist you at this stage in your growth. And, you will leave with a personally created art piece to carry your intentions forward and serve as inspiration throughout the year. All materials will be provided. Open to the public!