Are you getting what you need from your personal trainer?

Are you getting what you need from your personal trainer? Here are a few ways to know.

1. Listen to your body. Your body will not respond physically if you're not giving it what it's asking for. If you come in with a burst of energy, is your trainer making the most of this and working this energy? If your body and mind are exhausted, do you get a restorative workout so you can hit the ground running (pun intended) next go around?

2. Keep it fresh. This is not limited to the body, which does need to be constantly challenged in new ways to reach optimal fitness goals. The mind must also be challenged and have something fresh to combat burn-out and boredom. Being fit can be fun!

3. Train for a purpose. If you’re training for a ski trip, then work on stamina, so you will be able to last for hours on the slopes and avoid injury. If you are working out for general fitness, then your trainer needs to keep this in mind and balance your efforts.

4. General wellness. Is your trainer offering tips on health and wellness? Do you get a balance of advice for vacation, everyday eating, how to work in fitness to your everyday routine? If not, you might not be getting the best bang for your hard-earned buck.


Single Again Career Change!

Being single again for the first time in 32 years, and searching for a new career path at the age of 53, was what led me to become a student at WellSpring School of Allied Health.

I wanted to pursue a career that I could be passionate about and one where I could financially support myself. I had incorporated wellness and nutrition to improve my own health. So it seemed natural to choose a field where I could help to improve the lives of others’ health as I had mine. After treating myself to a massage during a stressful time, I commented casually to a friend that I could become a massage therapist. Three months later, I was actively pursuing that idea. I decided to leave the comfort of my small town job, and familiar surroundings and friends to pursue that goal.

I searched Kansas City schools online that offered massage therapy programs. WellSpring was the first of three schools that I toured one November day. Upon entering WellSpring, I experienced an instant feeling of calm and welcoming energy, just as I would expect to feel upon entering a salon or day spa for a massage. I toured two other schools that day, but my heart kept tugging me in the direction of WellSpring. This school offered everything I was looking for; small class size, good student to instructor ratio, friendly helpful staff focused on the students and a primary school focus on health and wellness. Where other schools seemed to take a business-like approach to learning, WellSpring felt like a family helping their students to grow. I started classes as a massage therapy student less than two months after my first visit.

From day one, my experience at WellSpring has been more than I expected. The instructors and many of the staff are massage therapists actively working in the field. They teach us with a hands-on approach; lending their expertise to guide us, yet allowing us individuality to develop our own styles. The classes are well planned and will completely prepare me for a successful career as a massage therapist. The staff encourages and supports our goals and will guide us as we finish school and search out employment. They also support the therapist after placement by offering CE classes.

My classmates and I come from diverse backgrounds and from all age groups, yet we have become like family and WellSpring is where we all feel “at home”. The support and encouragement that we give to each other is priceless and it will carry us through as we become colleagues. Once inside the doors of WellSpring, there was never a doubt that I made the right decision to leave my comfort zone and pursue a career in massage therapy here. A saying on my bedroom wall reminds me each day to keep focused on my goals: “Create- your world is as big as you make it.” Trust me…you can make it as big as you choose at WellSpring!

Deanna Finical, current WellSpring massage therapy student


Chronic Pain and Massage

New research shows that some people are more prone than others to developing chronic widespread pain following a traumatic event. While others have chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, that make massage therapy such a valuable treatment option. While pain can't be seen, it is very real to those who have it and can cause great anguish. Treating and providing relief for those in pain is a very rewarding aspect of being a massage therapist.

Many of the WellSpring graduates have found employment within chiropractic offices. This is such a synergistic relationship in the healing of patients with chronic pain. If you are curious about other career options or the fast growth of this field, you can find more information at The Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Who doesn’t love YouTube? You can find absolutely anything you need, whether you are looking for comic relief or have a need for serious educational videos. Why do we tell you this? If you are fresh in the wellness market, this can be an inexpensive marketing tool. If are you are interested in learning more about your field, you can help educate yourself on YouTube. Fun fact: YouTube ranks second as being the most widely used search engine, right after Google.

WellSpring (MTTI) has posted several how-to videos in the past and we are working on producing some more using our new name. Some of our most popular have been massage training videos. Check them out here. You can also find some testimonials about the school on our new channel. It’s not just WellSpring (as you well know) – we’ve found other people posting similar videos that are great to educate.

If you are looking to promote yourself, get busy making some videos and posting on your channel. You can use a flip camera to record or even your still camera since many of them have a video option these days. If you have a friend who has some expertise in video, try trading your massage services for video production. What a great way to benefit you and your friend!

Here are a few links to help you get started:

Have fun and good luck!


Feels Like a Monday!

Feels like a Monday. Yep, it sure does. Kids are anything but cooperative, car tire needs air, and the inevitable happens, you are late to work and have a message from your boss to come see him when you get in. Oh, boy.

So what do you do? Head for the coffee pot or grab a doughnut, chat it up with a co-worker and vent over your frustrating morning or head outside for a smoke? While you might think these are helping you, they will just increase and lengthen the stressful feelings you are having. Try to bring down your blood-pressure, not make it go higher!

Here are a few tips to help you get back on track:
  • Breath – this is advice you hear all the time, but if you actually take time to do it, you can help put your day back on the peace train. You can find a conscious breathing technique here.
  • Stretch – while you can’t stand up at your cubicle for the entire world to see you, you can do some great chair stretches that will help you feel more relaxed. Watch this video for tips.
  • Walk – you might not feel you have time to get away from your desk, but the time you spend clearing your mind by walking for 5 minutes will more make you more productive when you get back to your office.
  • Get a regular massage – while this isn’t always possible last minute, if you make massage part of your regular life, you will reap the calmness benefits. Working out all those knots in your shoulders will do wonders in the long-run. If you can’t afford a regular massage, check out some of the massage schools in your area. They are usually half the price of a regular massage and the quality can be just as good.
Give these a shot and try to make them a habit. Your body and mind will thank you for it! Also, share your sure-fire tips with us for stress relief. We love to hear what’s working for you.

Photo courtesy Anita_Bonita1 via Flickr.


Core Techniques - Upcoming Continuing Education Class

In this class, therapists will learn techniques for the muscles of the core: the diaphragm, psoas, iliacus, and quadratus lumborum. Learn proper techniques for working through the abdomen to address the structural muscles of the back. Myofascial release techniques will also be demonstrated that will enable the therapist to work painlessly through the deeper viscera. This class is a must for clinical therapists or others wanting to improve their techniques that address low back issues or other structural distortions of the spine.

If you are interested in attending this class lead by Kevin Deal on March 26 - March 27, click here.

Also, don't forget about this weekends class, Massage for People Living with Cancer.

Photo courtesy of Sanctuary Massage via Flickr.


Massage on the Road

Massage on the road! While WellSpring School of Allied Health offers massage to the local community for a reduced fee (we have some regulars that have been coming here for years), so do most massage schools all over the country. That said you can take advantage of this offering by simply doing an internet search for massage schools in your destination city and calling ahead for an appointment. What a great way treat yourself on vacation and make your dollars stretch a bit further. Enjoy!


Happy Trails

With Spring on the way, a lot of people will be traveling which often leads to an over-abundance of fatty foods and little to no exercise. Here are some tips to help you get through your travels without having to buy a new wardrobe when you get home!

  • While driving, stop at well-known convenience stores along the way. One of our favorites is Quik Trip, with branches located around much of the Midwest. You can easily grab a protein bar, apple, jerky or one of the great turkey sandwiches they offer. Not to mention the clean restrooms and friendly clerks!
  • Jerrod did it and so can you - make your stop at Subway. They have a great selection of subs that are low on fat and high on nutrition. Don't forget to load up on the veggies and grab some baked Lays while you're there.
  • Taco Bell, no joke. Just make certain you order off the fresco menu. Crunchy Fresco Taco for only 150 calories!
  • Let's not forget breakfast. Some oatmeal from McDonald's is a healthy choice or an Egg McMuffin, sans the cheese. And if you need to feed a caffeine addiction, you can get a skinny latte and oatmeal at Starbucks, without blowing your whole day.
  • Explore! Plan enough time in your travel to stop along the way and walk the local shops or trails. It's a great way to make your trip more interesting and squeeze in some exercise..
  • Exercise bands, if you haven't tried them yet, do. They are one of the most portable exercise tools and fit into a travel bag with ease.
  • So many hotels now have fitness centers. No excuses, use it! Don't forget to pack your swimsuit too, Some laps in the pool would do the body (and mind) good.

Just a few ideas, happy travels!


Are You Doing What You Love?

You’ve heard the line again and again: "Do what you love and success will follow." That’s why we love our jobs at WellSpring School of Allied Health so much. Not only are we doing things we love every day, but we are helping others live their dreams as well. Sound mushy? Well it is, and it’s the truth. A day in the life of teaching students to do something they love and get paid for it, is, well, amazing!

What in your life is amazing right now? Are you doing what you love and are you spreading the joy? Our graduates are spreading the joy through massage, healthcare, and fitness and being that person who helps bring happiness to people’s days. Check out this video on YouTube, it is very inspiring and might just help you get out of your comfort zone and make the changes you need to live your dreams. Sure it says 2010, but the message is ageless. Carpe diem.

Photo of Medical Assisting classroom.


Inspire Fun and Fitness

When one finds themselves a parent, a life of fitness is most likely high on the list of priorities. One must be healthy and lead by example if they want their children to grow up to be all they can be. In fact, anyone can inspire a child to live a life of health and fitness. As a coach, you lead. As an aunt, you nurture. As a teacher, you shape. As a neighbor, you play. Anyone and everyone can make an impact on a child’s life.

What can you do? Go ahead, create some amazing memories. Play ball, get out the skates, go to the park (and forget the sugar doughnuts and soda at the store). Think about it, what one thing can you do this week to show a child the joys of fun and fitness? We challenge you to inspire a little one this week and share it with us. Who knows, you might just inspire yourself in the process!