A Special Thanks - Schendel Massage Benefit

WellSpring School of Allied Health would like to extend a special thanks to the community for supporting our Best-Schendel Family benefit. Also, a special thanks to all the massage therapists and staff members who donated their time and efforts. We couldn't have done this without you.

Massage Envy & Edward Roberts of Roberts Auto Group also made very generous contributions of $1,000 each to add to the fund. That brings the total raised to over $4,000. We are continuing to plan more events in hopes to raise more money. Our amazing family of students keeps coming up with great ideas, and we will let you know when and where these will be held.

Again, our hearts go out to the family. Just remember, the WellSpring School of Allied Health family is here for you too.


WellSpring Massage Graduate Suffers Tragedy

Our WellSpring family has suffered a tragedy this week. Ashley Schendel, who completed Massage Therapy classes at the Lawrence campus last week, lost her husband and three of her four children in a fire on Monday. We are thankful that Ashley and her 9-year-old daughter, Alexis Best, survived the early morning fire at their home in Richmond, Ks., about 60 miles from Kansas City.

The Schendels had no life insurance. The WellSpring family is working to help raise funds to pay for funeral and medical expenses. There has been an outpouring of ideas and offers of help for Ashley. The first event to help raise funds will take place from 5-9 p.m. this Thursday, April 28, at both the Kansas City and the Lawrence campuses. WellSpring students and faculty will offer 10-minute chair massages for a minimum $15 donation. We hope that you will come by and encourage your friends and family to as well.

In addition, a bank account has been opened for those wanting to make donations to help Ashley and her daughter. Contributions can be sent to Best-Schendel Family, c/o Patriots Bank, 1508 Hwy 59, Princeton, KS 66078.

We will keep you posted regarding other fundraising ideas. The compassion and caring that has been so evident makes us proud to be part of the WellSpring family.


Healthy Eating on Easter

We can all use a little help when it comes to holiday eating. Here are a few links to some sites with recipes that are easier on the waist. Enjoy!


WellSpring Medical Assisting Program Director Recieves Special Recognition

Sheryl Max, WellSpring's Medical Assisting Program Director, was honored by the American Red Cross on April 19, 2011 for saving a life. On Saturday, November 6 of last year, Sheryl was at the Price Chopper grocery store in Brookside when an older man collapsed with no breathing or pulse. Sheryl instructed someone to call 911 and immediately started CPR. She was later assisted by the store manager, and eventually brought the man back with breathing and a faint pulse before the EMTs arrived. The man was recovering in the hospital later that day. Max says, "Saving a life has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my life."

Congrats Sheryl! We are proud you are part of the WellSpring family.


CPR and First Aid Class - May 6 & 13

WellSpring School of Allied Health is offering a comprehensive course that prepares students to respond appropriately in medical emergencies. Content includes one-person CPR with mannequin practice, rescue breathing, emergency action principles, handling internal and external bleeding, burns, injuries and fractures to bones, muscles and joints, medical emergencies including heart attack, stroke, poisoning, insulin shock and diabetic coma, seizures, exposure to extreme heat and cold, animal and human bites, insect bites, and stings, snakebites, injuries to the eyes and nose, bandaging, splinting, and emergency rescues.

Friday May 6 & 13, 2011 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Cost: $136
Course Code: S11CPR05
Class Hours: 8

For more information click here!


My dream is ....

Being involved in helping people live their dream has to be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Being involved, on a daily basis, with the students at WellSpring School of Allied Health is, in a word, AMAZING. Some might think, “Oh you’re a Massage Therapist, great. You’re a Personal Trainer, go get ‘em.” Getting in the Medical field is a good call with the growth in the field. Then, something happens. You talk to the people living their dreams by getting an education in the wellness arena and you realize it goes much, much deeper.

For Massage Therapy you will hear things like, “When I heal others, I heal myself”, “Massage is my calling, people have been telling me I should do this for years”, “Healing others is a gift”, “I want to work with babies”, “This has changed my life”, and the stories go on and on. None are the same, but all are amazing.

Fitness is similar. It’s all about passion, but they are different. “Fitness has always been my life, so I decided to make it my living”, “I’m finally doing what I love”, “I want to work in a club, I want to do in-home fitness, I love teaching people how to be their best”. The smiles and the energy coming from these students are palpable.

Caring and loving people are the ones who get into the above fields, but it’s never as true as when you talk to a Medical Assisting student …they are truly amazing in their zest for healing. They have been inspired by other caring people throughout their life, from a Medical Assistant who made such a difference in their office visit or hospital stay. From their mouths fall comments such as, “I’m a mom, this comes naturally to me”, “I love the medical field and want to help others”, “With the population aging, there is more and more demand for people like me”.

This can all be boiled down to passion - passionate people, living passionate dreams. What’s your passion? What’s your dream?


WellSpring Massage Instructor to Travel Abroad to Study

My first encounter with the topic of the Trager Approach was as an instructor at a local massage school. I had booked a person who had experience with the technique, as a guest speaker for one of my classes. Up to this point, I had considered Trager as just another massage technique yet I was curious, as I had never seen it in practice before. As she “played” with the movements, it became obvious to me that I had been wrong. Even though this was bodywork, it was nothing like massage, as I knew it to be. Through this person, I met my first Trager practitioner and my life began to change. At this point, I should give you a little of my past medical history. I suffer from chronic low back pain due to a disk injury 30 years ago and a subsequent ineffective surgical attempt. This had left me with stiff movements and sporadic issues at various points along my spine. Basically, it hurt to move.

I went to my first session with Roger Hughes, a Trager practitioner. I had no expectations; just a deep curiosity about what was about to happen. I had tried massage, obviously, over the years to no noticeable improvement, chiropractic regularly to alleviate pain, and various pain meds to make life tolerable. He first introduced me to movement potential: what was softer, lighter, how to “experience” my limitations. This was new to me; life had been lived so as to minimize pain. Movement…. this was relatively an alien concept to me. With his leading me through what I would later come to know as Mentastics, the tissue that I had been guarding actually began to soften! This fascinated me; it seemed such a simple concept.

Then the table work began. Introducing movement into my stiff body, now this was going to be a challenge for Roger, or so I thought. The rule of thumb in the massage world is that once you become a massage therapist, the act of just lying there and receiving work is over. As a massage therapist, one tends to stay awake just enough to analyze what is happening. . you may actually experience a new stroke that you want to “borrow” for future sessions. I was wrong about the challenge for Roger. With minimal effort he started moving my body, jostling tissue, and lightly shaking areas that seemed stuck. My tissue responded and melted immediately. Once again, I could feel years of guarding and protecting, melting away. This seemingly simple exposure was the “hook” needed to get me involved in the Trager experience.

I began my education in the Trager approach in the summer of 2009. The level one class showed me just how different Trager is from massage. I actually find, at times, that my massage background gets in the way of my Trager work. Trager is about reeducating the tissue to new possibilities by bringing back the forgotten sensations of lightness and ease. Massage is more “forceful”, relying on stroking and kneading to break down adhesions and holding patterns. Trager work was going to require a child like curiosity in my approach to my client’s tissue. Actually, approaching a client as if you had never seen a limb, a back, or a shoulder, works quite well. Just letting my hands play with curiosity and feeling what was lighter began to change my approach to all of my clients.

Mentastics, mental gymnastics, I was sure was to be the greatest challenge of my newfound path. The fact that was impossible to ignore was that I was stiff…period! Now these Trager people wanted me to roll around on the floor, imagine the sensation of walking on a sandy beach, having a tail that could erase my footprints in the aforementioned sand…uh huh…right! With reassurance from the instructors I began “working” my body with movements that I hadn’t done since childhood. What amazed me was that my stiff, battle scarred body actually began to remember these movements!! I kept recalling the Monty Python skit of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Hey, if John Clease could do it, so could I… and I did! These exercises will eventually be the lessons that I will guide my client’s in.

Trager takes time to learn, a dedication to be playful and childlike. I’m two weeks shy of the final required step before becoming a full-fledged Trager practitioner. Level 3. So this one should be BIG. I’m thinking it’s time to take my education on the road. So, it’s off to Switzerland. Mentastics in the Alps! Trager and cheese. So far the journey has been one of self-discovery and a new awareness of how the body really works (and that my body still works).

Kevin Deal, WellSpring School of Allied Health Massage Instructor


Video Game Fitness

Looking for ways to stay indoors for your workouts? Do you have allergies or kids that just won't leave the video games alone? Kinect, Sony's PS3 Move and Nintendo's Wii systems now mean whichever console you own, you can get a gaming workout with the right motion-sensing controllers.

Here are some of the top fitness video games for 2011:

  • Wii - My Fitness Coach: Cardio Workout - Ratings 8/10
  • PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 - EA Sports Active 2 - Rating 9/10
  • Wii - Wii Fit Plus - Ratings 6/10
  • Xbox 360 - The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout - Rating 7/10
  • Xbox 360 - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - Rating 7/10
  • PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 - Get Fit With Mel B - Rating 6/10
Would love to hear your feedback. Have you tried any of these systems. What would you suggest?

Ratings brought to you by MSN.


Congratulations Personal Training Graduates!

WellSpring would like to congratulate our latest Personal Training and Wellness graduates. Wade Esser, Jamal Jackson, Nicole Gerken, Erika Raines and Cindy Erickson! Best of luck - keep us up to date on your success.


Weight Loss and Massage

Add another benefit to the long list of reasons to get a massage: weight loss. According to new research, reducing one's stress might also reduce one's pant size.

A new Kaiser Permanente study found that people trying to lose at least 10 pounds were more likely to reach that goal if they had lower stress levels and slept more than six hours but not more than eight hours a night, according to a Kaiser press release.

Many other studies have shown massage therapy induces relaxation, reduces pain and creates well-being, while it also reduces stress and depression and improves sleep patterns.

At WellSpring School of Allied Health you can take advantage of the student clinic, which offers massages for reduced rates. Or, if you prefer, you can learn these techniques in one of our community classes.


Mother turns crisis into career passion

After being a stay at home mom for 10 years I made the decision to return to school. I had always wanted to attend college but never could decide what to study. But with four young kids and an unstable economy I figured I’d better do something. After all I wasn’t getting any younger and I wanted to be a good example for my kids. So I signed up for business classes at the local community college and settled in to earn my business degree. I believe fate had a different plan for me!

Half way through my fist semester my world was turned upside down. On St. Patrick’s Day I discovered my mother at home not breathing. She was rushed to the hospital where we were told she had suffered a severe stroke and she wasn’t going to make it, we should say our good-byes. We were devastated. We didn’t accept this answer. Our family and friends quickly gathered together and we began to pray.

I reached out to a couple of very good friends of mine that practiced different hands on healing modalities and reiki. I watched as these friends worked on her and something amazing started to happen, Mom started to improve. Then a pattern began to emerge every time the doctors would tell us she wasn’t going to do something we would gather around her and use the power of touch to work on her and she would improve. At this point I had a friend turn to me and ask what I was doing in business classes when it was obvious that I should be helping people on their healing journey.

It was like a light went off in my head. She was right! I wasn’t happy studying business. I truly wanted to help people. After a lot of soul searching two words came to mind, massage therapy. I just knew that studying massage therapy would be just the gateway I needed to get out there and help people. This began my search for a new school. I quickly discovered that several schools offered massage therapy but they really only offered the cookie cutter minimum required to be licensed and that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted the shebang so to speak.

That was when I stumbled across WellSpring online. I did a lot of research in what they offered, how long they had been around, what they believed in, and how they really felt about their students. After touring the school and meeting everyone I was sold I knew where I needed to be and it was there. I didn’t wait. I immediately signed up and I haven’t looked back since.

It has been just over a year now since this journey started. I am currently halfway through the massage therapy program here at WellSpring. My life is completely different, I am completely different. My experiences here have been amazing. The instructors have really set us up to succeed. The classes fit perfectly into my life making it easy to balance all my responsibilities. The instructors have stood by me and supported me, knowing the struggles I have had at home with my kids and caring for my mom.

There is no doubt in my mind that my mother’s stroke regardless how devastating it was at the time and how difficult this road has been without these trials I never would have fully understood and appreciated the power of the healing touch. And I certainly don’t think I would be where I am today with this wealth of information, amazing new found strength, and this deep passion to truly help others facilitate healing within themselves like I have done.

Heather Heckroot WellSpring School of Allied Health Massage Student


Chakra 101 Class - April 16

In this class you will become familiar with your 7 energy centers called chakras. You will learn where they are located in your body and what it means when someone says you have a blocked chakra.

You will also learn ways to find out if yours are blocked and how you can start them spinning again, creating a more balanced and energetic life, by using the pendulum, crystals, color therapy and much more.

Learn how to integrate the balancing and harmonizing of the chakras into massage, cranio sacral therapy, reiki and many other bodywork modalities.

Instructor: Tammy Barton LMT
Cost: $136
Course Code: CHAK1104
Class Hours: 8

For more information click here.