Fijian Massage Video

We got super excited when Lolita sent us this video to share, check it out. If you love what you see, register for the class here. You can also check out our other CE classes starting soon.

Fijian Massage is a method where therapists use 9 different parts of their own feet to effectively massage clients who are lying on padded cushions on the floor. The main benefit of Fijian Massage is that it “saves the therapist’s hands” thereby increasing the number of “injury free” hours worked per day. This can raise the number of clients seen per day plus adding to your career longevity. In addition, it helps clients to recover faster from muscle injuries and most clients prefer the more gentle pressure with the heel of the foot being utilized instead of the elbow. The Fijian Massage does not include walking on client’s back.

All strokes can be done standing or sitting in a chair as the weight of your leg gauges the pressure. No hands, arms or shoulders are ever used with any aspect of Fijian Massage making it truly a “hands saving” technique.

Supplies: Twin set of Linens, massage cream, pen and paper.

Sunday, September 25 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: $160 if enrolled by September 9, 2011, after $180
Course Code: F11-FJM10
Class Hours: 8
Prerequisite: Basic Swedish