Winning the Battle of the Bulge

Most would agree that obesity is a growing problem (no pun intended).  However, 2012 may be the year Americans make serious strides to fight growing waistlines.As in most years, weight loss will be top a top priority for many in 2012 but shedding extra pounds won’t just be about diet and exercise in the new year—it will include lifestyle coaching, more involved personal trainers and enhanced gym offerings.  Personal Trainers will become more integrated to health choices of their clients.  For more information on the WellSpring Personal Training Program, visit here.

Fitness experts agree that personal trainers will not only tell clients how much weight to lift and how often, but also be able to provide tips to improve their lifestyle outside of the gym. What’s more, fitness facilities will start to hire nutritionists, physical therapists and psychologists to offer wellness, nutrition and stress-management classes and advice to patrons in the new year.

Technology and social networks have penetrated pretty much every aspect of people’s lives so it’s not surprising its finding its way into the health and fitness world.  The new year will also usher in a slew of social media and mobile apps designed to create more interactive and online-based workout programs and classes. People will have full workouts at their fingertips on smartphone and tablet devices. Because of the influx of apps, personal trainers will have a new arsenal of tools at their disposal to provide one-on-one or group training anytime, anywhere.

Tried and tested workout programs will also maintain their popularity in 2012.  Zumba, boot-camp style workouts, interval training and TRX Suspension Training, which uses ropes and webbing to let you work against gravity and your own weight, will continue to be popular.  Balance and core training designed to improve your balance, stability and torso will gain in popularity during the new year.


You can now book your massage appointment online!

WellSpring School of Allied Health now offers the opportunity to book your massage appointment online with one of our student therapists.  55- and 90-minute table massages are only $30 and $60, respectively!

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Please note that it is not possible to book same day appointments using the online system.  Please call for same day appointments.

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Donate blood and save a life. Right here, right now.

Join us as we celebrate National Blood Donor Month by donating life-saving blood at our blood drive on Friday, January 6th from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.  We are partnering with The Community Blood Center as they are the primary supplier for local hospitals in Kansas and Missouri.  An individual with the area that The Community Blood Center serves needs a blood transfusion every 4 minutes.  Blood and its components can be used to assist with many medical procedures.  People who have been in car accidents and have suffered massive blood loss may require transfusions of up to 50 pints or more of red blood cells.  Cancer, transplant, trauma and open-heart surgery patients require platelet transfusions to survive.

You have the opportunity to make a difference.  Please make an appointment online, go to www.savealifenow.org and perform a quick search and enter the sponsor code: WELLSPRING.


Personal Trainer industry growing and changing in order to meet consumer needs

From 2011 to 2016, the Personal Trainers industry is projected to expand. An increase in disposable income and participation in sports will help drive the industry forward as well as consumers spending more on discretionary services and former personal training clients return after a time of tight spending.

The personal fitness trainers industry has experienced a shift in its traditional business model to fit newer consumer preferences. For instance, more training fitness instructors are providing services to children as the rate of childhood obesity rises. Also, more baby boomers are demanding personal trainers as they begin to age; they are looking to improve their health to keep in shape at an older age. Lastly, the industry catered to consumers hindered by the recession by offering small group classes at a cheaper rate.

Industry experts project that personal trainers will likely offer specialized services to differentiate themselves. For example, more trainers will provide teaching on nutrition to improve the overall lifestyle of their clients.