Looking for a great career opportunity? Medical Assistant Training can be the solution.

As the current U.S. Baby Boomer population continues to age and require an increased level of medical services, jobs throughout the medical field are on the rise, including medical assistant jobs.
According to labor statistics, the demand for medical assistants is expected to continue growing until 2018.

While medical assistant training was not always a necessity to obtain a job in the industry, today it is almost a prerequisite. In today's hectic medical care environment, medical assistants play a key role in supporting the everyday operations of physicians' offices. Typical responsibilities include setting appointments, bookkeeping and simple accounting, managing medical records, administering medications, prepping patients by taking their vitals, handling laboratory and diagnostic procedures, and assisting in simple surgical procedures.

People who attend school to become a certified medical assistant have a greater selection of employment opportunities and an increased level of salary potential than those who do not.  To learn more, check out WellSpring’s Medical Assistant program or give us a call at 816.523.9140.


Does your company have a health and wellness program?

More companies are realizing the benefits of having healthy employees.  Even during the tough economy that we’ve had the last several years, most health and wellness programs survived.  It’s easy to see why as studies have shown medical costs associated with employee absenteeism are reduced by $2 to $3 for every $1 spent on health and wellness programs.  The reasoning for this?  Healthy people new fewer healthcare services, do not miss work as much and are more productive when they are at work.  On average, annual health care costs are $2,000 higher for smokers than non-smokers, $1,400 more for those who are obese compared to those that are at a healthy weight and $6,600 more for people with diabetes than those without the disease.
Business with certain types of health and wellness programs*:
  • Health screening programs: 42%
  • Health and lifestyle coaching: 37%
  • Smoking cessation: 36%
  • Subsidies or reimbursements for fitness center memberships: 30%
  • Weight-loss programs: 30%
  • On-site fitness centers: 24%
  • Nutritional counseling: 17%
  • On-site fitness classes: 16%
  • Stress-reductions programs: 12%
If you are interested in learning about how you could learn how to become a personal trainer, massage therapist or medical assistant, be sure to contact WellSpring School of Allied Health today.
         * Source: The Society for Human Resources Management’s 2011 Employee Benefits report.


Time to get in shape!

Need a reason to drop a few lbs and get that toned look you’ve longed for?  Wedding season (or simply swimsuit season) is just around the corner.  It’s common this time of year to see an increase in female clientele visiting personal trainers to make it happen.  Many people define their wedding as the optimal time to look their best and they know that to make this dream a reality, turning to a licensed personal trainer is the best way to ensure success.  Whether it’s gym sessions, intense cardio routines or trying something new such as Zumba, working with a personal trainer to customize a plan to meet your needs is a good idea.
Personal trainers that have received their training at WellSpring are a great source.  Contact us for some recommendations or to find out how you can soon be making a difference in thelives of others.


What excuse do you hear the most often for not practicing healthy habits?

If you are reading this, chances are, I’m preaching to the choir. As a reader of this site, you probably live a healthy lifestyle (okay, we all have our occasional slips).  You eat well, exercise on a regular basis and make conscious decisions about the choices that impact your body.  I’m amazed how often I hear people talk about wanting to be healthier – either eating better, exercising more, losing some weight, getting rid of nagging injuries or a combination of all.  And what do they do about it?  Usually nothing.  Sound familiar?
I’ve found that people usually have one of three excuses for not living as healthy of a lifestyle as they would like: time, money or desire.  To a certain extent, these “explanations” have some validity, however if we examine them further, there really is no excuse to justify the argument.

I’m busy.  You’re busy.  I get it.  Modern-day life takes its toll on everyone. But life and jobs aren't valid excuses for making poor choices about your nutrition and exercise habits.  I know it’s stressful when you have a full day of meetings, emails, errands, transporting kids to-and-from practice and whatever else life may throw your way.  The last thing we want to do when we get home is spend a bunch of time in the kitchen preparing something that is supposedly “good for us.”  All too often I see a line of cars at a fast food restaurant during rush hour inevitably ordering their double bacon cheeseburgers.  However most people (even if they won’t admit it) can find one day a week to prepare some simple meals at home that they can freeze and take out for future convenience.  In the same vain, if you can’t get a workout in during the day, challenge yourself to turn a meeting into a walk with a co-worker.  You’ll feel better and may even find that the lines of communication open up much better than a stodgy office setting.  This is a great time of year to get outside!

Excuse #2 – Money.  This is my least favorite excuse.  Or perhaps it should be my favorite as it is the easiest excuse to overcome.  You don’t need that membership to the exorbitant health club.  Or if you insist that it is necessary, eliminate a latte here and there and cut out the lunch time visits to the fast food joints and your membership is covered.  A win-win.  When it really comes down to it, it costs a lot more (figuratively and literally) to be in poor health than it does to be healthy.

And finally, it comes down to desire.  Again, if you’re reading this, chances are you already make healthy choices for the most part.  And you’ve got to respect when someone admits that they don’t have the desire – at least they are being honest (but hopefully not bringing others down with their gluttony!).  I challenge everyone to make small changes in their daily habits.  I think you will find that eating healthy food, if prepared correctly, can be very enjoyable.  Adding moderate exercise has numerous benefits – including allowing you to think more clearly.

Excuses are lame.  Living a healthy lifestyle requires effort and a commitment to yourself.  However, most people find that they feel so much better and are generally happier when they reward themselves with health.  It sure beats the alternative.


Healthcare jobs in Kansas City are booming

So by now we are all tired of hearing about the recession.  Pay-freezes, intense job pressure, layoffs, a never-ending search for a new job, blah, blah, blah.  Well there is some good news in one particular corner of the job market in Kansas City: healthcare jobs are booming.  In fact, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care jobs in the local area were the only industry to show a gain in the number of jobs compared to when the recession began in 2007.  The study compared the number of jobs across 15 industries.  13 of the 15 industries lost jobs since the recession began.  Many of these industries were down considerably.  However healthcare jobs in Kansas City had the most significant amount of gain with nearly an 11% increase.  Equally important, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.  Whether it is medical assisting, massage therapy, or personal training, a career in allied health offers a promising future. Come check us out and find out how WellSpring can give you the experience you need to compete in the hottest fields available. 


PAWS for Wellness

A dog in the office is one of the best ways of beating stress at work.  Reduced stress, lower blood pressure and the release of human feel-good hormones are just some of the reasons why WellSpring celebrates PAW (Pooch At Work) Day.  Additional benefits of keeping a dog in the office includes reduced nerves, indigestion, headaches, coughs and tiredness.  But the real reason for having our dogs in the office – it’s just fun!
~ Wag more, bark less ~

Pictured from left to right are Charlie and Gracie Farquharson, Zoey Welch, Brosi Steiner, Jazzy-Rose Landry, Ella and Jessie-J Staley, along with some humans.


A New Year, A New You!

WellSpring will host a complimentary fitness assessment on Saturday, January 21st. 

Whether you want to improve your body a little or a lot in 2012, this free event is the perfect first step.   Participants will be guided through several simple fitness assessments by a WellSpring instructor or personal training student.  And at the end, you'll receive a personalized plan that you can work on to improve your fitness level over the new year.

To save your space for a personalized fitness assessment, email Bobby Breon at bobby.b@wellspring.edu or call 816.523.9140.  You can also just stop by during the event and we'll work you in.

 Saturday, January 21st 9 am - Noon
9140 Ward Parkway - Suite 100
(Northwest corner of 92nd & Ward Parkway)
If you have any questions, please call 816-523-9140.


Everything you wanted to know about financial aid but were afraid to ask!

We are hosting a free financial aid workshop on Wednesday, January 18th at 5:30.  
If you or someone you know is thinking about going back to school, but is unsure if they can swing it or not, this is your opportunity to hear from our experts.  You will discover how you may be able to get started on a new career right now.  Some of the topics that we will cover include:
  • Different types of financial aid (Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Scholarships, etc.) and who may qualify for what.
  • How to fill out the government forms (the FAFSA).
  • Common mistakes made when filling out the FAFSA - and how to avoid them.
  • Determining how much assistance is available to you.
  • Other useful information to make the financial aid process a snap.  
  • You can also learn more by viewing our financial aid portion of our website. 
 Reserve your spot in the workshop by emailing Jessica Fish at jessica.f@wellspring.edu.

Wednesday, January 18th at 5:30
9140 Ward Parkway - Suite 100
(Northwest corner of 92nd & Ward Parkway)
If you have any questions, please call 816-523-9140.