PAWS for Wellness

A dog in the office is one of the best ways of beating stress at work.  Reduced stress, lower blood pressure and the release of human feel-good hormones are just some of the reasons why WellSpring celebrates PAW (Pooch At Work) Day.  Additional benefits of keeping a dog in the office includes reduced nerves, indigestion, headaches, coughs and tiredness.  But the real reason for having our dogs in the office – it’s just fun!
~ Wag more, bark less ~

Pictured from left to right are Charlie and Gracie Farquharson, Zoey Welch, Brosi Steiner, Jazzy-Rose Landry, Ella and Jessie-J Staley, along with some humans.


A New Year, A New You!

WellSpring will host a complimentary fitness assessment on Saturday, January 21st. 

Whether you want to improve your body a little or a lot in 2012, this free event is the perfect first step.   Participants will be guided through several simple fitness assessments by a WellSpring instructor or personal training student.  And at the end, you'll receive a personalized plan that you can work on to improve your fitness level over the new year.

To save your space for a personalized fitness assessment, email Bobby Breon at bobby.b@wellspring.edu or call 816.523.9140.  You can also just stop by during the event and we'll work you in.

 Saturday, January 21st 9 am - Noon
9140 Ward Parkway - Suite 100
(Northwest corner of 92nd & Ward Parkway)
If you have any questions, please call 816-523-9140.


Everything you wanted to know about financial aid but were afraid to ask!

We are hosting a free financial aid workshop on Wednesday, January 18th at 5:30.  
If you or someone you know is thinking about going back to school, but is unsure if they can swing it or not, this is your opportunity to hear from our experts.  You will discover how you may be able to get started on a new career right now.  Some of the topics that we will cover include:
  • Different types of financial aid (Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Scholarships, etc.) and who may qualify for what.
  • How to fill out the government forms (the FAFSA).
  • Common mistakes made when filling out the FAFSA - and how to avoid them.
  • Determining how much assistance is available to you.
  • Other useful information to make the financial aid process a snap.  
  • You can also learn more by viewing our financial aid portion of our website. 
 Reserve your spot in the workshop by emailing Jessica Fish at jessica.f@wellspring.edu.

Wednesday, January 18th at 5:30
9140 Ward Parkway - Suite 100
(Northwest corner of 92nd & Ward Parkway)
If you have any questions, please call 816-523-9140.