Wellspring Partners with Truestar Health

Truestar Health is a free health management resource that focuses on five key areas of health to balance overall wellness. A comprehensive set of support tools are available in the areas of:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Vitamins
  • Attitude
  • Sleep

This resource has been used by health professionals across many fields, including personal training, to assist people in their wellness goals. Truestar will soon be a part of Wellspring Personal Training program, offered to students as they head out into the job market. Recent graduates of the PT program can also take advantage of this opportunity by coming to the info session at the Kansas City campus on June 6, 2013. 

The session is from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will explain how Truestar can be a competitive advantage for personal trainers and help their clients achieve optimal health.

Representatives from Truestar will also be at Wellspring’s Health Fair on June 28th and 29th.  Check back soon for more information about the Health Fair. 


The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16. If you still don't know what to get him, try giving the gift of massage with a gift certificate to our popular student clinic. Don't phone it in with another tie or "World's Best Dad"...anything. Dad works hard all year and he deserves a gift with a little sticking power. A massage has lasting benefits beyond the time spent on the table. 

Massage is great for:
  • Reducing headaches
  • Improving sleep
  • Injury prevention
  • Stress reduction
  • Improving Circulation
  • Pain relief
The Wellspring student clinic offers 55 minutes massages for $35 and 90 minute massages for $65. Gift certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase. You can purchase gift certificates in person or over the phone at either Wellspring Campus: 

9140 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 523-9140


941 New Hampshire
Lawrence, KS 66044
(785) 856-3903

Have a Happy Father's Day! 


Wellspring Introduces Associates Degree Program

Get your Associates Degree at Wellspring, the school that specializes in natural health and wellness. Enroll in the Integrative Massage and Wellness program and follow one of two education tracks to the career of your dreams. The foundation of the degree is the Massage Therapy Program where students receive hands-on training with plenty of experience out of the classroom. They also cover subjects like nutrition, stress management, self-care, business practices, and consulting skills. When their externship is complete, students will be able to take their certification exam and apply for a license in Missouri and individual cities in Kansas.

At this point they can continue on with the degree program with either Advanced Massage Studies or Personal Training and Nutrition. Each career track includes and Associates in Occupational Sciences, a national certification or licensing exam, and Corrective Exercise specialization.

Advanced Massage includes medical massage, hospital massage, oncology massage, and corrective exercise training. Students will also learn Eastern modalities and spa treatments, including energy balancing, Eastern bodywork techniques, movement modalities, and craniosacral. Once complete, students can be certified in Medical Massage.

Personal Training and Nutrition includes an Intro to Fitness Training, Exercise Science Basics, program design, fitness center operations, counseling strategies, fitness nutrition, corporate wellness, corrective exercise, training special populations, and business practices. Once complete, students can certify as Personal Trainers. 

Don't wait to do what you love! Take the next step on the path to a career in a field you care about by contacting an admissions representative for more information. 


Just Get Going

Are you thinking about becoming more active but haven’t begun yet? You may be over thinking it.  While some people like working out at a gym, lifting weights, or taking aerobics classes, those types of activities aren't for everyone and may discourage those who are just beginning a new routine. Here are some ideas to get you moving and keep you inspired. 

Start with what you enjoy and exercise won’t feel like a chore. Run, dance to the radio, take up martial arts, take a stroll on your lunch break, swim, or go bowling (but skip the nachos and beer!). Just do something that is fun for you and it won’t feel like work.

Listen to your body instead of looking for instantaneous results. Notice the quality of your sleep, the way your daily activities become easier as the weeks go by, your improved ability to respond to stress, the extra bit of wiggle room in your clothes. Those are the first benefits of becoming more active, not rapid weight loss.

Be flexible. There’s no law that says your exercise must happen in 30 minute or hour long blocks. Snatch 10 minutes at a time a few times a day. It will add up.

Don’t worry about money. You don’t need a gym membership, special clothes, or fancy equipment to begin. Walk in the park, borrow exercise videos from the library, or lift your baby a few extra times. Later you may decide to do an activity requiring money, like taking a class or hiring a personal trainer, but don’t let money stop you initially.

When you’re developing new habits the important thing to remember is to start simple; but start. 


Taste of Kansas City 2013

Join Wellspring in the Power and Light District at the Taste of Kansas City on Sunday, May 19, 2013! Enjoy samples from over 20 local restaurants and then witness the battle for the Gold Fork between 6 of Kansas City’s most talented chefs. Check out the Taste of KC Facebook page for the list of restaurants. Tickets will be $35 until 5/17 and $40 at the door. General Admission starts at 5:30 p.m.. 

Stop at Wellspring's table for information about enrollment in one of our Allied Health Programs and     to purchase Buy One Get One Free Massage and Personal Training Sessions. 

Current students can purchase their tickets at The Pitch office. Mention Wellspring and get a $5 discount. They are located at 1701 Main Street, KC MO 64108. Everyone else can purchase their tickets and view a map with driving directions to the event here


Wellspring Expands Massage Therapy Program

Become a well-rounded massage therapist with Wellspring! In March, Wellspring expanded its Massage Therapy Program. The 162 additional hours are incorporated into the classes already offered so that more time is spent in each, giving students in depth understanding of every subject from anatomy and physiology to business practices. More time is dedicated to hands-on practice in labs and in the student clinic.

Students will be introduced to complementary modalities and practice tools with the addition of 4 new classes. In hydrotherapy students will learn about the many benefits of using water in therapy. In joint and stretch students will learn facilitated stretching to reduce pain and injury, improve range of motion, and enhance performance. In self-care students will learn injury prevention and ergonomics strategies to protect their own health and safeguard their careers. In neuromuscular massage students will learn how to improve muscle function and reduce the pain response.

Each of these new classes will be also offered as continuing education. Check out our continuing education section on the website for upcoming classes or contact an admissions representative for more information.