WellSpring Announces Four Winners of Student Video Contest: Why I Chose Wellspring

WellSpring School of Allied Health received tons of fun, creative and heartwarming submissions for its “Why I Chose WellSpring” video contest. Students submitted videos describing their desires, their career goals and how WellSpring is helping them on the path to realizing their dreams. 

Don Farquharson, president of WellSpring said, “We have wanted to run a contest like this for almost two years, so we were absolutely delighted by the response. We hear these kinds of stories almost every day at WellSpring.  So it’s great to be able to share them with the rest of our community.”  Farquharson wants to invite all students and grads alike to share their own video stories about wellspring, and we’ll be sure to enter them in the next contest, probably in January."

Each submission painted a vibrant portrait of WellSpring’s unique array of individuals, but one submission stood above the rest: WellSpring personal training student Kelly Bigelow was the grand prize winner of the $400 Amazon.com gift card. Her video entry got to the heart of why  hands-on training at WellSpring and a NASM personal training certification is the perfect means to better the world. A close second was medical assisting student Virgenia Carter, who finds medical assisting the perfect career to pair with her compassion for others. In third place was massage therapy student Lauren Chavez, who was intrigued by WellSpring’s passionate instructorsThe final runner-up was Courtney Rausch, who wants to inspire the people around her. Each runner-up won a $50 Amazon.com gift card.

Read more about their amazing stories and watch the winning videos below:

Grand Prize Winner: Kelly Bigelow

Watch her video.

Kelly’s dream has always been to become a personal trainer and WellSpring’s personal training program is helping her get on the path to fulfilling it. Kelly had originally only purchased a personal training certification that she acquired online, without attending a school, but she soon realized that she had no clue what she was doing. WellSpring’s hands-on training and the mentorship she received from her instructors was what she needed to live out her dream, so she decided to enroll.

First Runner-Up: Virgenia Carter

Watch her video.

After her kids grew up and left the house, medical assisting student Virgenia Carter decided it was time to do something for herself. For Virgenia, doing something for herself means helping others, and with her belief that nobody is ever too old to learn, she decided to enroll in WellSpring’s medical assisting program. As a compassionate person, Virgenia loves the personal attention and special care that WellSpring’s instructors give to each of their students.

Second Runner-Up: Lauren Chavez

Watch her video.

One of the things that inspired WellSpring massage therapy graduate Lauren Chavez to enroll was the way the passionate instructors seemed to ignite a thrill for learning in their students. As a massage student, Lauren also wanted to work with real bodies in real-world scenarios, and WellSpring stood out amongst other schools as offering the best training with real people. Most importantly, Lauren fell in love with the ability that WellSpring has to transform the inner self. The incredible people that she has met at the school and the wonderful memories she’s made will stay with her forever.

Third Runner-Up: Courtney Rausch

Watch her video.

Courtney began her journey toward a healthier life two years ago by losing 50 pounds. This life-changing transformation inspired her to want to help others learn to eat right, exercise and enjoy a better overall lifestyle. She decided to enroll at WellSpring after hearing an ad on the radio about the hands-on training offered at WellSpring, and to her, it sounded perfect. Courtney is looking forward to spending her life helping others and changing the world into a better place, and WellSpring is enabling her dream by giving her the confidence to start on that path.

Thank you for your inspiring submissions, everyone! Stay tuned for news about more WellSpring contests later this year.


John Powers is a Medical Assisting Powerhouse

John Powers, lead instructor and medical assisting program manager at WellSpring School of Allied Health, got his start in the medical field with the U.S. military. As a hospital corpsman, he received his medical training in the U.S. Navy and then spent time operating in the field with the U.S. Marines. He was also involved in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. When he was discharged, he returned to the U.S. and began his healthcare career working as a medical assistant. 

If you like helping others and are interested in working in healthcare without spending years in school, request info about our medical assisting program.

Powers has experience working in all kinds of practice and clinics, and he has specialized in family practice, urgent care, ENT and internal medicine. Currently, is attending Colorado Technical University and hopes to complete his bachelor’s degree in healthcare management within the next year.

In addition to his work at WellSpring, Powers is a huge fan of producing and mixing music and owns and DJs at Powerhouse Productions. You can find his music on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, iTunes and BeatPort.


Student Spotlight: Allen Nails

Allen Nails is tall and athletic with a bright, friendly smile.  He is currently enrolled in Wellspring’s Personal Training Program. He’s a good student, boasting straight A’s and perfect attendance.  Recently, Allen had a transportation problem. His car was wrecked and he could not find a ride to class. Many students would have, understandably, missed school that day. Allen made the decision to run the five miles to school in the rain. He arrived on time for the first day of Endurance Training, a running class.

Allen Nails, Personal Training Program
Allen played football in high school and planned to play in college with thoughts of playing professionally later. He was injured during his senior year and suddenly needed new goals.

“For the longest time, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life,” he says. He tried to figure it out with the help of counselors, while working steadily at a Hy-Vee. He knew he was good at math, science, and sports. “I wish someone would have told me early that I could get a degree in sports.”

Now 24, he’s been in the Wellspring CPT program since April. He says he enjoys getting a workout in class, the convenience, and friendly staff at the Kansas City campus. How does he get along with the other students?

“I love my classmates!” he says, laughing. He’s energetic and his positive attitude is highly contagious. It wasn't surprising to learn from one of his instructors that they love him, too.

"He's a really dedicated and intrigued student,” says Tracy Moeller. “He asks great questions about the material so that he can apply it to real life. He wants to be able to help others. That’s why he’s in the field. He's a motivator, I think, for his classmates. They compete for who can get the highest grade.” 

Allen (left) with classmates Ben and T.J. 

She also said that he studies hard and is known to read ahead prior to the start of a new class.

In just a few short months, Allen will be a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He plans to major in Kinesiology later and eventually run his own business. With his enthusiasm, fantastic attitude, and high motivation, he’s sure to accomplish everything he puts his mind to and touch a lot of lives along the way. 


Video Contest! Tell Us Why You Chose WellSpring for a Chance to Win $400

Submit a short video telling us why you chose WellSpring School of Allied Health and you might win a $400 Amazon gift card! Make your video funny, dramatic or thought-provoking, but, most of all, be creative! This is your chance to shine.

All you need to do is stop by the admissions office and pick up a registration form. Then create a 60-90 second video about why you chose an education at WellSpring and submit your video to kristen.e@wellspring.edu.

If you don’t win the $400 grand prize, you still have a chance at winning one of three $50 gift cards.

The contest ends Aug. 15, so enter now. Good luck!


New Program For Graduates Combines Massage Therapy and Personal Training Into One Associate Degree

Wellspring School of Allied Health is proud to announce a new degree program in massage therapy and personal training that combines both programs into an associate degree in occupational sciences. The degree program allows graduates to improve their marketability, diversify their skills and provide even more value to existing clients.

Massage graduates can get the degree by taking our personal training program. In the process, they can pick up a NASM certification as a personal trainer (CPT) and a specialization in corrective exercise (CES). Classes cover topics such as exercises science, program design,  fitness nutrition and more.

Graduates from the personal training program can obtain this  degree by taking the massage therapy program, which includes the national certification exam in massage therapy. Members of this program will take classes such as Basic Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Kinetic Anatomy.

By taking the new combined program, graduates will save money when compared to taking the programs separately, and financial aid is available to all who qualify.

Classes start in October, so don’t wait to do what you love! Call our admissions staff today or get more info now at http://wellspring.edu/.

Kansas City campus: 816-437-7514

Lawrence campus: 785-856-3904