How To Become A Mentor At WellSpring

We’re announcing a new referral and mentorship program where active practitioners can earn up to $600 as a WellSpring mentor!

The new program is designed exclusively for active health and wellness practitioners such as massage therapists and personal trainers. Continuing in our tradition, a practitioner who refers a student to WellSpring will receive a “thank you” voucher for $100. Now, with the new program in place, a practitioner who also agrees to become a mentor for that student will earn a mentorship fee of $500.

Don Farquharson, president of WellSpring said, “At WellSpring School of Allied Health, attracting students who are motivated to learn and to work hard to achieve their career goals is critical to the success and longevity of the school. We are particularly grateful when practitioners and friends of WellSpring refer their friends and family members to us. We know from experience that enrollees with an external support system are more successful students and practitioners. With this in mind, we believe the new referral and mentorship program takes the reward for student referrals and sponsorship to a whole new level.”

To learn more,
click here or contact Bobby or Kristen at our Kansas City campus 816-523-9140 or Angela at our Lawrence, Kan. campus at 785-856-3903.

Mentorship Rules and Qualifications
While the student is in school, the Mentor will --

1.      Check in with the student at regular intervals, but at least once every two months.

2.      Meet with the director of the program at least once, at the midpoint of the program, to discuss the student’s progress and explore how the mentor might provide further support.  If the student is having difficulty this may require more dialog with both the student and the school.

Once the student completes the program, the Mentor will --

1.      Meet with the student once a month for at least three months to help with networking, interview strategy, general industry knowledge and anything else that would help build confidence and help the graduate get established in their new career.

2.      Generally help keep the excitement going through job search and during the early stages of employment.

A Mentor must meet the following criteria:  

1.      They must be a practitioner in the general field of health and wellness.  It does not have to be the identical career field as the student.


1.      Mentors will earn the $100 referral voucher when the student enrolls and completes the first module.

2.      Mentors will be paid the $500 mentorship fee, three months after graduation, provided they have fulfilled all the requirements of the job.